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  1. Coloring Counties On State Maps

    Thanks Sumedh, that is exactly what I was looking for. Now I I will go off and purchase the Maps module, Thanks again Bruce
  2. Coloring Counties On State Maps

    Thanks for the reply, And that covers one part but... Where to you define vales to the individual Counties? w
  3. Zip Code Based Maps

    Hi, So my question is do you plan (I say plan as I see you do not currently) to offer maps by ZipCode... as you do the State maps showing Counties it would be very helpfull of you showed the Sate maps (US States) by Zip Code So here is the Georgia map showing Counties now imagine it with Zip Codes
  4. So I am wanting to Show the Map of US By State Like this Then have the user be able to click On say Georgia and then see the Data mapped out by County (as in Each county shaded depending on data ) But what I can't see in the samples is how to color the Counties. I really want to see an example before I by the Maps add-in Like this ... but colored!
  5. Zip Code Based Maps

    HI, Slight change of topic but related, Is there any plans to create State/ZipCode Maps? Thanks Bruce
  6. All Bars One Colour

    Not Sure where to ask this, so I will try here. Is it possible to have a single series chart where all the bars are one color. If so, how? I can't work out how. I have been able to achieve this with other charting tools but I am at a loss to find any setting in Fusion. This is what I have now (Chart_multicolor.PNG) What I am looking for is this (Chart_singlecolor.PNG) (Minus the 3D and also with the glass effect as in the first image... but you get the idea ) Any help would be most gratefully received Thanks Bruce