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  1. Unfortunately that suggested fix is breaking other 3rd party controls (namely Telerik controls). Thanks for the suggestion, but it looks like we will have to find an alternative.
  2. Thanks. We already had the RenderChart method working, just not in an asynchronous manner... The RenderChartHTML method seemed to fix that, so we thought we were on the right path. I must have missed where it said that the RenderChartHTML method was deprecated in the documentation! Back to the drawing board!
  3. I should also explain why we aren't using the suggested code to allow for charts to work asynchronously. The javascript used in the suggested work around is actually breaking some other 3rd party controls we use (telerik controls).
  4. We are trying to use the RenderChartHTML method to display our charts, but it seems that it doesn't work in IE9. IE8 and other browsers seem to also throw javascript errors from time to time when using the RenderChartHTML method. here's the simple code: Literal1.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionCharts/Line.swf", "Data/Data.xml", "", "myFirst", "600", "300", false, true); here's the xml data: <chart caption='Data' xAxisName='' yAxisName='m3' showValues='0' formatNumberScale='0' showBorder='1'> <set label='12:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='13:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='14:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='15:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='16:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='17:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='18:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='19:00' value='14.25' /> <set label='20:00' value='14.25' /> <set label='21:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='22:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='23:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='00:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='01:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='02:00' value='10.25' /> <set label='03:00' value='9.25' /> <set label='04:00' value='10.25' /> <set label='05:00' value='11.25' /> <set label='06:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='07:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='08:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='09:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='10:00' value='12.25' /> <set label='11:00' value='12.25' /> </chart> We are using a licenced version of FusionCharts that we downloaded about a month ago. The RenderChart() method works fine in all browsers, but we want to use the RenderChartHTML() method so that we can update the chart asynchronously (the recommended suggestions for using FC in update panels also breaks for us, but that's a different story). RenderChartHTML() doesn't display anything in IE9, and in other browsers it seems to work (except for some javascript errors) Any suggestions?