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  1. Legend overlaps label in pie chart 2D

    Hello, thank you for quick response. Unfortunately we use this chart type in resizable environment for different generated sets of data and your proposals can resolve exact this presentation but not general rendering problem. My last question: Do you consider my issue as bug or not? Best regards, Alexey
  2. Hello, I have a problem with pie charts: If "manageLabelOverflow" is "1" then legend area overlaps label in the bottom of chart. You can see it in Switching off label overflow managing is not a workaround. Best regards, Alexey
  3. Angular Chart Trend point label wrong position

    Hello Prerana, thank you for yours response. I know about margins attributes but I don't understand why there is huge amount of empty space when margins are zero. If you look into the example: then you will see that there are empty areas: Top - 20 px, Left 30 px, right - 37 px. The reason of my question is that in version 3.11.1 chart calculation algorithm was changed. The difference of rendering the same chart definition you can see in attached images. Please let me know if I have some workaround to restore 3.10.1 behavior.
  4. Hi I have a problem with angular chart: If lower limit value is not a zero then position of trend point label is wrong. I have prepared test case: And one more question: How can I reduce chart margins? As you can see in test case - they are very redundant. Best regards, Alexey
  5. Connectors are not generated on the map

    Hi Moonmi, thank you for your reply. Your sample works fine. The problem is in parsing xml data source. If you get data form chart object in my sample by "getJSONData" then you can see that property name for connectors array is "connector" instead of valid name "connectors". In this case connector's sections ignored. My workaround for xml data source: I will use tag name 'connectors' for each connector on the chart. In this case property name in JS object is properly defined 'connectors' Best regards, Alexey
  6. I have a problem with connectors on the map I have simple javascript code and the chart xml in the code. The connector is not shown on the map. The html page with javascript code you can see in attached file What I do wrong in definition? Best regards, Alexey FC_Test.html
  7. Invalid Position Of Trend-Marker In Linear Gauge

    Hi, thank you for your reply. If I set lowerLimit to 0 then it works. But we show tick marks at the bottom of chart. and we need the lowerlimit value not equal to zero. It looks like a bug. And when it can be fixed? Thanks, Alexey
  8. Linear gauge shows trend marker in invalid position for trend point. Target browser is Google chrome, renderer - Javascript html file and chart picture can be found in attached file Thanks, Alexey newTest1.html