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  1. I've a JSP page with multiple charts on it (more than 3). On page load, I loop on all charts and render them and feed them with historical data, and each chart has it's own chart data provider (JSP page too) and they all have refresh interval of 1 minute. I noticed a performance issue because all the charts get their feed data at once (they all share the same JSP provider) which causes a slow performance on the whole page. Is there a way to have the charts in a stack or something so that they call their provider in a synchronized way? I've learned that there are even listeners so that when a chart is rendered it can fire another javascript method, but is there a way to do this with chart feeding mechanism so that feeding is called in order instead of the same time? thanks all!
  2. Hello..is it possible to have a real-time line chart with refreshinterval of 1 minute, but when the page is rendered for the first time the chart runs for once to get the data? I mean, for the first time only, I dont want to wait for 1 minute to get data from the provider, I want the chart to run explicitly immediately after page load, then after that it gets data each 1 minute normally according to the provider. Is this possible or do I have to make a work around for it ? thanks all
  3. Thanks alot for your reply...the real-time feature is great...but is there a way to change the direction of x-axis ? Right now the chart line starts from right to left, so the chart line moves toward the Y-axis. Any way to put the Y-axis on the right of the chart or change the direction ?
  4. Hello...I've a performance issue on IE. I'm rendering the chart (Multi-series 2D line chart) in Javascript mode, the chart is first rendered in a JSP page with small amount of data passed as string to the method setXMLData(). After page load, each minute an ajax request is made and a new string is retrieved in the response, then passed to the same chart object for rendering again, but this time with larger data. After 5 minutes, when the size of the string is too long, there is a performance issue and the graph takes time to load, and this time increases according to the amount of data in the string (I've more than one chart object, each renders different increasing results, its like a dashboard). What i'm trying to do is to make the charts act dynamically and update it self periodically. I dont know if there is a better way to do this or what...since I'm brand new to fusion charts and i'm stick to deadline. Thanks all!