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  1. The example is very good I used it and created a html link and when i click on it the export is starting I dont know how to manage to export type (pdf/jpg) is there a way to configure it ? also after the export finished how can i invoke the save action ? my goal is to export and save in one click instead of one click for export and another for save appreciate your help
  2. I am trying to export chart, I used the example from in this page i downloaded and unzip it into tomcat\webapps and everything is working i can export the chart to pdf and to save it my question is : i want to unzip the same zip file to my local drive like c:\myTest and to run it from there BUT when i am doing that the export is not working. I can see the chart but the save button is missing is it possiable to run it without any web server like tomcat/iis ?