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  1. Simple Angulare Gauge

    Thanks Sumedh for your quick response i just have a small problem i try to get my dynmaic value from my data base using the below code : gauge.php <?php $db=&JFactory::getDBO(); $sql = "SELECT Connects FROM aramexjobdata order by RecordID DESC limit 1"; $row = mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query($sql)); print "value=".$row[0]; ?> The Output of the code was : value=20 which it is the value i need it now i need the dial to rotate according to this value : i try to add : dataStreamURL (gauge.php) to the chart tag in my XML file as below : <chart lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="100" lowerLimitDisplay="Bad" upperLimitDisplay="Good" numberSuffix="" showValue="1" showGaugeBorder='0' gaugeStartAngle="180" dataStreamURL="Charts/gauge.php" refreshInterval="3" > <colorRange> <color minValue="0" maxValue="75" code="FF654F"/> <color minValue="75" maxValue="90" code="F6BD0F"/> <color minValue="90" maxValue="100" code="8BBA00"/> </colorRange> <dials> <dial id="CPU1" value="10" rearExtension="10" toolText="CPU 1 Usage"/> </dials></chart> nothing happend the dial still rotate with its default value Please Help me and thanks in advance
  2. Hi Siric , i need Your help I just add your code to implment the angular gauge , but it seems that it does not support SetXMLData function or there is a syntax error on the below , please help am new in using this tool myChart.setXMLData('<chart lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="100" lowerLimitDisplay="Good" upperLimitDisplay="Bad" numberSuffix="%" showValue="1" dataStreamURL="getutil.php" refreshInterval="3">\n\ <colorRange>\n\ <color minValue="0" maxValue="50" code="8BBA00"/>\n\ <color minValue="50" maxValue="80" code="F6BD0F"/>\n\ <color minValue="80" maxValue="100" code="FF654F"/>\n\ </colorRange>\n\ <dials>\n\ <dial value="0" />\n\ </dials>\n\ </chart>');
  3. Simple Angulare Gauge

    Hi All , I am trying to implement a real time Angular gauge and have the following: - the realtime value was stored into mysql database. so that only i need to connect my ' sql statement ' to XML file ....or is there any method to embbedd the XML code inside PHP code . Sorry but am new in this field ....