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  1. Hi , Thanks for your help , but here I meant the pointers not the display value ,, when the pointer have the same value one pointer disappear under the second pointer , and this is confusing since they have the same position it will like there is one poiner !! please see the attachments , and see Untitled3.png image ! Thanks
  2. What about overlapping of the pointers?
  3. Thanks for your response Actually I have a limited width in my application, but suppose if the 2 values of the pointers have the same value for example 30, they will appear that they are above each other and their values will intersect, I hope you have a clear view now do you have solution for this problem? Thanks again,
  4. Hi , yes there is te XML : <chart placeTicksInside="0" showTickValues="1" showTickMarks="1" bgColor="#FFFFFF" bgAlpha="50" adjustTM="0" formatNumberScale="1" showBorder="0" upperLimit="60" lowerLimit="0" showLimits="1" placeValuesInside="0" showGaugeLabels="1" pointerOnTop="0" pointerRadius="6" showToolTip="1" chartTopMargin="20" tickValueDecimals="0" majorTMNumber="6" valuePadding="20" > <pointers><pointer displayValue="target" editMode="1" value="30" color="0000FF"/><pointer displayValue="pace" editMode="0" value="29"/></pointers><trendpoints><point editMode="0" startValue="50" displayValue="actual" color="666666" useMarker="1" markerColor="F1F1F1" markerBorderColor="666666" markerRadius="7"/></trendpoints><colorRange><color minValue="0" maxValue="50" code="2EFE2E"/><color minValue="50" maxValue="100" code="E0F7FF"/></colorRange></chart> Can we offset Pointers so they don’t overlap when the values are close together? Or there is any solution for that ? thank you ,
  5. Hi ,, I have the same issue here ,, Is there any update Please help , Thank you in advance ,
  6. Hello, I have the same issue here , please Is there any update or any support on Fusion Widgets about this issue ?? Thank you v.much
  7. Hello , I want to ask you if i can change the <colorRange> attribute for linearGauge through setChartAttribute method like <chart> attribute ?? plz help Thanks in advance
  8. [Thanks you thats worked on the last version of fusion widget
  9. Hi, Is there a native support for setChartAttribute in FusionWidgets now ?? I want to change chart properties without reloading xml. and if there ! how can i use it ? there is a document for it ?? Thanks you