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  1. Hello I've got a question about line chart. As you see, I have to rotate the direction of x aixs font to right. in Javascript rendering, direnction of x aixs is being rendering correctly, but in flash's case. font direction is appeard like the picture I attached. Is there any option or the way to change direction of x axis. Thank.
  2. For example, I attach that capture shot that I mentioned. In this graph chart, In javascript rendering, the Line will be rendering from left to right gradually, but in flash's case, the line well be rendering from center to both bottom side and top side. May be, you know what I trying to describe. What I wondering about this, is there any way or graph options to change that effect in javascript method? Thanks.
  3. Hi. Im trying to change the animation effect on Fusion normal line chart. As you know, there are two options to render chart, flash and javascript. I want to use flash animaion effect on javascript rendering. Is there any option to configure the animaion effect? Please notice me that way. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I tried to make sample chart page with fusionchart xt. After downloading chart modules including swf, js I tried to make weelky-sales follwing instruction. The code I wrote follwing instruction was worked well with .html but it didn't not work at velocity template. the content of both files was exactaly same. I think there are problems with including js files in vm. Is there anyone who encounter this kind of problem? I attached that both files. weekly-sales.html