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  1. My company recently purchased an Enterprise license of Fusion Charts XT Suite, and now I have downloaded Collabion, and want to make a business case for its purchase as well across our 4 WFE servers for MOSS 2007. I am preparing 'ease of use" demos, and can easily create demos for data coming from SharePoint lists, and Excel spreadsjeets. We also store a lot of data in MS SQL databases, but to access does NOT require a username and password, but uses Windows Authentication. I do not see an option to Connect to SQL using the current users credentials. I have tried using my domin, username and password, but no luck. Plus this information can change over time... If I had to, I assume I could create a BDC, which apparently does not require a username and password, but wish to avoid any unnecessary effort, since there are only a handful of us in the company comfortable creating application definition files. And while my department does not leverage Oracle much, other lines of business do, so I assume the username/pw presents an issue as well. Help! Thanks