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  1. I understand each must have a separate container and this is much how I setup my code. Taking what you sent me I can see the columns are not aligned. If I use a larger caption name it becomes more evident (see the attached screen shot) I want all the bars to line up with each other and preferably when the chart width is set to 100% and re-sizes. To achieve this there would need to be some way to force the width of a caption.
  2. I found a way to make this work. I set showBelow="0" (not sure what the default is when this is undefined) I also found that to show an annotation to t he right of a chart you need to create space for it to appear. I did this by setting a very large right margin chartLeftMargin='10' chartRightMargin='200' chartTopMargin='10' chartBottomMargin='10' This created white space where I could place my annotation. My intuition was adding an annotation would cause the chart to grow but they seem to get clipped instead. Anyways problem solved. : )
  3. I can not get any annotation to appear on a spark column chart. I've copied examples of the cylinder chart and reproduced it on my local webpage but when I change the data series and chart type to spark column it won't render any annotations. The site says annotations work with all XT widgets. Here is the XML I am using pretty much right off the fusion chart documentation: <chart> <dataset> <set value='1000' /> <set value='1100'/> <set value='1182'/> <set value='1202'/> <set value='1356'/> <set value='1424'/> <set value='1473'/> <set value='1500'/> <set value='1540'/> <set value='1620'/> <set value='1600'/> <set value='1670'/> </dataset> <annotations> <annotationGroup> <annotation type='rectangle' x='120' y='60' toX='280' toY='120' radius='0' fillcolor='333333' fillAlpha='5'/> <annotation type='line' x='120' y='60' toY='120' color='333333' thickness='2'/> <annotation type='line' x='280' y='60' toY='120' color='333333' thickness='2'/> <annotation type='line' x='120' y='60' toX='125' color='333333' thickness='2'/> <annotation type='line' x='120' y='120' toX='125' color='333333' thickness='2'/> <annotation type='line' x='275' y='60' toX='280' color='333333' thickness='2'/> <annotation type='line' x='275' y='120' toX='280' color='333333' thickness='2'/> <annotation type='text' label='Fuel left in tanker' font='Verdana' x='145' y='75' align='left' fontcolor='333333' fontSize='10' bold='1'/> <annotation type='text' label='(expressed in ltrs)' font='Verdana' x='144' y='90' align='left' fontcolor='333333' fontSize='10'/> <annotation type='text' label='3650' font='Verdana' x='145' y='105' align='left' fontcolor='333333' fontSize='10' bold='1'/> </annotationGroup> </annotations> </chart> Attached is the result screenshot (sample 2) If I switch the chart t cylinder and change the value in the xml all is well (sample3)
  4. Sure: I've enclosed an image of my non-aligned layout and the sample you show which is nicely aligned I wish to set up multiple spark bar charts so they line up vertically such that each bar has the same width and each series starts and ends under the series above it. This will require the captions to not shift the start of the series as it is currently doing in my screenshot.
  5. In the sample gallery there is a sample showing spark bar chart with weather data. In each case all the bars are left aligned (vertically) to a datum and the captions right aligned to the same datum. How was this achieved? I have 5 charts with different captions and the bars won't align. Is there a way to enter multiple series in the same chart or a way to fix the caption width?