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  1. Errorbar2D -- Incorrect Error Bar Height

    I understand that, but the problem is that the error bar height is incorrect when the value is set to 1. If you look at the screenshots I attached you'll see that the error bar value(12) for the first value (57) should be going up to around 69. When adaptiveYMin is set to 0, this is indeed the case. However, when it is set to 1, it only goes up to around 59. Why is that?
  2. Errorbar2D -- Incorrect Error Bar Height

    We are actually using JSON, here is a file containing the JSON for errorbar2d with adaptiveYMin set and not set:
  3. The height of the errorbars on ErrorBar2D seems to be off when setAdaptiveYMin is set to 1. Please note that all three charts are using same errorValues in the Firebug console. Here is the ErrorBar2D with setAdaptiveYMin set. Notice how the the errorbar only goes up to somewhere below 66 on the y axis: Here is the ErrorBar2D with setAdaptiveYMin not set. The errorbar goes to approximately 69: For reference here is a scatter plot with setAdaptiveYMin set. The errorbar again goes to approximately 69: