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  1. Hi, I need to send customized data when exporting chart. For example, there is an text area let the user input something. When exporting chart to Image/PDF, this text will be printed in the Image/PDF. How to send this text to server side when exporting chart? I know if the chart is rendered by javascript, I could modify the function exportChart to post any data to server side. But how to do it if it is rendered by flash? thanks.
  2. Exporting Chart Works Only 1 Time

    Hi, Based on current version, is there any method to export the chart? Is it possible to fire the click event of the export icon in the chart?
  3. Hi, I use pure javascript to render my charts. Try to export the chart by below method. But I find it works only the first time I click the "Export" button. I debugged the js, found jsVars.hcObj.options undefined. How can I make the button work every time it is clicked. Thanks. <input type="button" value="Export" onclick="exportChart('myChartId','pdf')"> <script type="text/javascript"> function exportChart (DOMId,type){ if ( FusionCharts(DOMId).exportChart ){ FusionCharts(DOMId).exportChart({"exportFormat":type}); } } </script>