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  1. Hello, I am working on a project in where in i am displaying reports using fusioncharts.The problem i am facing is not all values are displayed on the x-axis. In my report i am displaying a date range from 18 feb 2011 to 18 dec 2011 divided month by month. Now the problem is that the fusioncharts does not display all the values on the x-axis. We have even verified that the xml data is correct i.e in the xml data all the values are shown from the start date to end date. The chart type we are using is "StackedColumn3DLineDY".Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone, I am working on a web application that uses fusioncharts to display reports.The application also has an option to capture the fusioncharts as images and exporting it to ppt.I am using server side coding for capturing the fusioncharts.The problem is the export-to-ppt functionality works fine in the local copy of the application, whereas after publishing ,it shows an error that "service unavailable".We know that it is a problem with capturing the fusioncharts because if we remove the image saving part, the ppt comes(without the images).I would like to mention that we are using the latest dlls for capturing the images.Can anyone provide me the solution.Thank You.
  3. Hi can you send me the latest updated Image Saver Assembly which you got from the FusionChart support team.I am also facing the same problems as yours.My email id is [email protected] for your response.Thanks

  4. Hello, thanks for your response.I managed to solve the problem using the solution you provided.Thank you once again.
  5. Hello, i am trying to implement server-side export
  6. Hello, I am working on a project on using fusioncharts(displayed in a panel) for report generation.My requirement is that i have to capture the fusioncharts as images on the local drive using C# coding.Can anyone please provide me the code and guide me? Thank you.