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  1. Ie7 And Fusioncharts

    Set the height & width of the chart to use percentages and view in IE7. eg: $chartContainer.updateFusionCharts({height: "100%", width: "100%"}); Then javascript will slow the page down dramatically. Eventually IE will warn the user that script is running slow and give the user an option to stop the script (and in turn kill fusion charts). Other than writing our own stable code to resize the chart using fixed width / height, is there a fix for this we can use ?
  2. Ie7 And Fusioncharts

    In my example $chartContainer is a jQuery selected element, and the code does update the chart accordingly. $foo is a convention for naming jQuery selected elements. But its completely not the point. The point is fusion charts in IE7 when in 'percentage' mode (be it Javascript mode or Flash mode) causes CPU to be consumed massively. We have now written our own javascript to automatically resize the chart. As it stands FusionCharts should not be considered 100% compatible with IE7.