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  1. Chart Id Is Same As A Javascript Variable Name

    Hi, I have resolved the issue by doing litte bit of debugging. Actually is due to the calling php render method inside the loop of list element <li> echo renderChart("/fusionchartsxt/charts/Column2D.swf?r=".rand(), "", $strXML, "$unique_chart_id", 235, 235); calling render method inside Jcarsol render method returns the javascript variable as jcarsoal duplicating the li content and as chart rendering div present inside this li output of render which is javascript variable also getting duplicate and thus page gives duplicate variable name issue. to resolve issue we have moved the render method outside the JCarsoal methode and only placed the chart div after render inside this li.
  2. I am also getting same error I have posted it @
  3. I'm getting the following error while embedding a chart: DesignTimeError: #25081843 bodystats0.render Error >> #25081843:IECompatibility() Chart Id is same as a JavaScript variable name. Variable naming error. Please use unique name for chart JS variable, chart-id and container id. Line 13 Please check page code <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/jquery.jcarousel.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function() { //jQuery('#mycarousel2').jcarousel({ //}); }); </script> <div class="carousel_1"> <ul id="mycarousel2" class="jcarousel-skin-tango"> <li> <div id="test1"> <?php Yii::app()->clientScript->registerCoreScript('fusionchartsxt'); ?> <?php include("fusionchartsxt/includes/FusionCharts.php"); ?> <?php $strXML = "<chart caption='' subCaption='' yAxisMaxValue='105' numberSuffix='%25' bgColor='FFFFFF' bgAlpha='0' setAdaptiveYMin='1' canvaspadding='10' showCanvasBg ='1' canvasBorderColor='333333' showAlternateHGridColor='1' alternateHGridColor='f0f2ea' alternateHGridAlpha='100' divLineColor='303200' divLineAlpha='20' baseFontColor='666666' showBorder='0' lineColor='BBDA00' plotBorderColor='8a8a8a' anchorRadius='4' anchorBgColor='303200' anchorBorderColor='FFFFFF' anchorBorderThickness='2' toolTipBgColor='EEEEEE' toolTipBorderColor='303200' toolTipColor='666666' showValues='1' numberSuffix='' labelDisplay='ROTATE'>"; $strXML .= "<set label='Asses 1' value='20' />"; $strXML .= "<set label='Asses 2' value='30'/>"; $strXML .= "<set label='Current' value='40' />"; $strXML .= "<trendlines>"; $strXML .= "<line startValue='100' color='57C02F' displayValue='Target' />"; $strXML .= "</trendlines>"; $strXML .= "<styles>"; $strXML .= "<definition>"; $strXML .= "<style name='Font_0' type='font' font='Verdana' size='11' underline='0' color='666666' />"; $strXML .= "<style name='Font_1' type='font' font='Verdana' size='14' color='666666' bold='1' align='left' />"; $strXML .= "<style name='LineShadow' type='shadow' angle='45' distance='1'/>"; $strXML .= "</definition>"; $strXML .= "<application>"; $strXML .= "<apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='Font_0'/>"; $strXML .= "<apply toObject='CAPTION' styles='Font_1'/>"; $strXML .= "<apply toObject='DATAPLOT' styles='LineShadow' />"; $strXML .= "</application>"; $strXML .= "</styles>"; $strXML .="</chart>"; $unique_chart_id = "mygoalachievements1"; echo renderChart("/fusionchartsxt/charts/Column2D.swf?r=".rand(), "", $strXML, "$unique_chart_id", 235, 235); ?> </div> </li> </ul> <a href="#" id="ui-carousel-next"><span>next</span></a> <a href="#" id="ui-carousel-prev"><span>prev</span></a> </div> <script> console.log(mygoalachievements1); console.log($('#mygoalachievements1').get()); </script>
  4. Hi, Would like to customize canvas background color in two alternative color bands please suggest how do we achive this. please check attached image for more details
  5. Render Issue

    Hi, please check attached sample PHP code. fusionchart_sample.php We are using V3.2.2 fusion chart We have noticed that issue occur for <!DOCTYPE HTML> + IE9 + GPU renderring option of browser. Its works for Document Mode -Quirks
  6. Working on Fusion UI integration

  7. how to show legend for Column 2D single Series graph
  8. Render Issue

    Hi, While using fusion chart am facing rendering issue on IE9 browser. graphs start render on mouse hover. Issue get resolved on setting browser settings for Software Rendering inserted of GPU rendering. Has any one now about any workaround for same. Other than browser setting Please check attachment for more details