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  1. We are trying to upgrade from 3.2.1-release to 3.2.3-sr3.5347 but we're running into a problem with some of the data urls. If we have a link that it something like this it's then encoded and the attributes are double encoded so the & turns into a %2526. Still when it's sent to fusioncharts it's completely decoded and then everything is encoded once and the b is then translated as an extra parameter instead of a value. Any ideas on how we can get around this issue?
  2. Links To Xml Can't Handle Ampersands

    We have that that too, it gives the same result. There isn't anything wrong with the way we're using fusioncharts because if we specify a URL without any special characters it works.
  3. Links To Xml Can't Handle Ampersands

    It seems that the forum added some url tags to my url, so you have to remove that
  4. Links To Xml Can't Handle Ampersands

    Hi I can't send you our code but here's the javascript we use: var myChart8170 = new FusionCharts( "/dev/FusionCharts/MSCombiDY2D.swf", "myChartId8170", "1111", "490", "1", "1", {wMode : "transparent"} ); myChart8170.render("chartdiv8170"); myChart8170.setDataURL("[url=""][/url]"); I can't get you any serverside code but what getXML does is take the parameter id and the value has to be "a&b" (without quotes). The problem is that it splits the value "a&b" at the &. Have in mind that this does work as it should in version 3.2.1
  5. Links To Xml Can't Handle Ampersands

    I run fc.setData(""); And in the debug window i get dataURL provided: dataURL invoked: since & is a parameter delimiter in the URL this will change the parameter list from id: a&b To id: a b: so because of this the xml cannot be found. It seems to be decoding the URL one to many times