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  1. Cannot Create Boxandwhisker Chart

    If Box and Whisker is not supported in Flex, can you suggest a different way I can show the mean with upper and lower standard deviations? Thanks, Dennis
  2. Hello All. I have been using the FusionCharts eval for Flex, and it seems to work very well. I want to try PowerCharts, but I cannot create a BoxAndWhisker chart. All the FusionCharts swf files are in a directory called "FusionCharts". I put the PowerCharts swf files there too, and I try this: <components:FusionCharts id="overallDistancesByClub" x="2" y="2" height="300" width="580" FCChartType="BoxAndWhisker2D" FCFolder="/flexProject/FusionCharts" > <components:FCChartData FCData="{myData}" FCParams="{myParams}" /> </components:FusionCharts> The compiler gives this error: Invalid value: BoxAndWhisker2D. It must be one of Column2D, Column3D, Pie3D, Pie2D, Line, Bar2D, Area2D, Doughnut2D, Doughnut3D, Spline, SplineArea, Funnel, Pyramid, MSColumn2D, MSColumn3D, MSLine, MSArea, MSBar2D, MSBar3D, MSSpline, MSSplineArea, StackedColumn2D, StackedColumn3D, StackedArea2D, StackedBar2D, StackedBar3D, MSCombi2D, MSColumnLine3D, MSCombiDY2D, MSColumn3DLineDY, MSCombi3D, StackedColumn3DLineDY, ScrollColumn2D, ScrollLine2D, ScrollArea2D, ScrollStackedColumn2D, ScrollCombi2D, ScrollCombiDY2D, LogMSColumn2D, LogMSLine, InverseMSArea, InverseMSColumn2D, InverseMSLine, Bubble, Scatter, Radar. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you, Dennis