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  1. As i am using 5-6 chart in single page when i am using managed printing option it is printing entire page but i need print each chart saperately is their any other option for it...........
  2. If you see the attached screen short ,i marked a circle where red and green line touching y axis,where i want space between start line and Y axis.
  3. Hi FusionChartsTeam, I want to know, is canvas padding supported in Zoom Line Chart? Like Line Charts if no then tell me how to handle the situation where data plot is appearing on x axis. Please refer attached Screen shots of zoom line chart. Please Help me, Thanks Dinesh
  4. Hi Fusion Charts Team, i want to display Line chart and tables in singe chat. Please refer the attached screen it possible with current version of Fusion chats? Please help me! Thanks, Dinesh
  5. For MSLine chart (MSLine.swf), drill down option to invoking java script function from same page is not working. Please find the attachments MSLine.xml MSColumn3D.html
  6. Hi, i am using fusion chart on click on line or bar of the chart i want to enable a event , how to do it
  7. How to enable scroll bar for column 3D and single line chart