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  1. Hi, This is not working for us in IE8 - and IE7 compatibility mode. Can I have any contact number of your customer care or you guys can contact us in 09538327953..As we already purchased this version I would like to get an update soon regarding this Thanks Afdal
  2. Hi sorry for the delay here is my xml along with the data that we use to populate a graph for one of our own widget in normal mode( i mean not SharePoint ..but its working fine fore SharePoint also ) so hope this will help you guys to reproduce it in ur environment too Thanks in advance <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> - <chart xaxisname="Reading Date" yaxisname="Reading Value" legendBorderAlpha="1" legendAllowDrag="0" legendIconScale="1" legendPosition="BOTTOM" animation="1" bgColor="ffffff" showAlternateHGridColor="0" alternateHGridColor="ffffff" showBorder="1" borderAlpha="10" chartLeftMargin="40" chartRightMargin="35" chartTopMargin="20" xAxisNamePadding="10" yAxisNamePadding="10" labelPadding="6" yAxisValuesPadding="6" canvasBorderColor="666666" canvasBorderAlpha="60" xAxisName="Reading Date" yAxisName="Reading Value ( mmHg )" xAxisMinValue="0" xAxisMaxValue="1.0" interactiveLegend="0" yAxisMaxValue="190" yAxisMinValue="30" numDivLines="8"> - <categories verticalLineColor="6d6e72" verticalLineThickness="1" verticalLineDashed="3" verticalLineDashLen="4" verticalLineDashGap="2"> <category label="2/18/2011" x="0.143757881462799" showVerticalLine="0" /> <category label="6/12/2011" x="0.287515762925599" showVerticalLine="0" /> <category label="10/4/2011" x="0.431273644388398" showVerticalLine="0" /> <category label="1/26/2012" x="0.575031525851198" showVerticalLine="0" /> <category label="5/19/2012" x="0.718789407313997" showVerticalLine="0" /> <category label="9/10/2012" x="0.862547288776797" showVerticalLine="0" /> </categories> - <dataset lineDashLen="1" lineDashGap="5" anchorSides="0" id="e10bd004-0885-4a0f-9189-117d8fd6a071" seriesName="Systolic" color="#0066dd" lineThickness="1" drawLine="1" anchorRadius="2" lineDashed="0"> <set id="8c3489db-d0e7-4011-b336-17e1bec8be50" x="0.00" y="111.00" toolText="111 mmHG on [10/27/2010 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="87fb78f2-a247-4da1-a96e-dffca8b78307" x="0.24" y="121.00" toolText="121 mmHG on [5/4/2011 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="8a07b757-b9bd-4f8a-821a-41f4b7617184" x="0.29" y="70.00" toolText="70 mmHG on [6/15/2011 5:51 AM]" /> <set id="9240e8a1-2c25-40db-9f03-d6becfa4178c" x="0.29" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [6/15/2011 5:51 AM]" /> <set id="757bde6a-4c3f-400a-9e40-4978bd0016ac" x="0.29" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [6/15/2011 5:51 AM]" /> <set id="4d295544-4cee-479d-b1b4-52a4d64a8049" x="0.29" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [6/15/2011 5:51 AM]" /> <set id="5d134bf4-4c89-4dce-9962-ff96b6da1d57" x="0.29" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [6/15/2011 5:51 AM]" /> <set id="cf4c1b4b-26f8-45f5-930f-24a77e24373d" x="0.29" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [6/15/2011 5:51 AM]" /> <set id="9d96cd8b-59bf-4ea6-9ef0-314e27cc0249" x="0.29" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [6/15/2011 5:51 AM]" /> <set id="a7ebed52-010d-4851-bd1c-6e963852d87e" x="0.36" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [8/12/2011 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="9b9c202d-805b-41fe-8028-7e1d528d3995" x="0.55" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [1/3/2012 3:00 PM]" /> <set id="06ec7b7e-37d5-4b98-bb77-47a60a190714" x="0.60" y="111.00" toolText="111 mmHG on [2/16/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="a14ace51-8000-4984-a51a-c1d9d86d9f8d" x="0.60" y="111.00" toolText="111 mmHG on [2/16/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="efe2ec69-0c29-4956-8ee7-08e18a1a4fd9" x="0.81" y="170.00" toolText="170 mmHG on [8/1/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="2f47ac81-b6dc-4095-b1b1-0c252db92106" x="0.83" y="150.00" toolText="150 mmHG on [8/16/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="0744dbc2-f060-461b-bce5-aac77068ef36" x="0.87" y="65.00" toolText="65 mmHG on [9/12/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="7b162f64-9885-4e5f-8be3-b87e38c5657a" x="0.93" y="56.00" toolText="56 mmHG on [11/4/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="90061785-6538-41d7-aaa4-027157d74d97" x="0.97" y="120.00" toolText="120 mmHG on [12/2/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="1377bcb4-dff4-4c73-ba1b-c3ede7c0d80f" x="0.97" y="55.00" toolText="55 mmHG on [12/3/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="ab86f582-688a-480d-8ea9-ed943eed02a5" x="0.97" y="44.00" toolText="44 mmHG on [12/7/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="aa1c84ef-2825-43ed-ad41-c576fb9361ff" x="0.98" y="77.00" toolText="77 mmHG on [12/9/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="832f21bd-99c0-4849-997f-7c7978e428c9" x="0.98" y="88.00" toolText="88 mmHG on [12/10/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="d4959c45-5101-4555-95fc-e441298eb20a" x="0.98" y="123.00" toolText="123 mmHG on [12/11/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="7711aaeb-3949-4c85-98c3-38cb38fd4e83" x="0.98" y="66.00" toolText="66 mmHG on [12/12/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="7f53cf1d-957c-4f78-8e7b-e937b23a3a4e" x="0.98" y="76.00" toolText="76 mmHG on [12/14/2012 5:00 AM]" /> <set id="e80894a4-1199-40f5-8cb7-e4e0f2b90293" x="0.98" y="65.00" toolText="65 mmHG on [12/15/2012 11:00 PM]" /> <set id="ad016cb3-37d1-4e3d-a1ec-a3cf389f72c1" x="0.99" y="54.00" toolText="54 mmHG on [12/16/2012 4:00 AM]" /> <set id="9be49875-9781-4f06-aa62-7bfd749f10d5" x="0.99" y="123.00" toolText="123 mmHG on [12/18/2012 12:00 AM]" /> <set id="2ebf8709-a141-4398-b672-07cd54a7b6ba" x="0.99" y="45.00" toolText="45 mmHG on [12/18/2012 4:00 AM]" /> <set id="e980dabc-5305-44e4-9d22-6f8b720724e7" x="1.00" y="35.00" toolText="35 mmHG on [12/27/2012 11:00 AM]" /> </dataset> - <trendLines> <line isTrendZone="1" alpha="75" showOnTop="0" displayValue="" toolText="This is Systolic Target Range" startValue="120" endValue="160" color="bfdba3" /> </trendLines> - <styles> - <definition> <style name="Title" type="font" font="Arial" size="13" bold="1" color="6e6f71" /> <style name="Labels" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" bold="1" color="6e6f71" /> <style name="ToolText" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" bold="0" color="6e6f71" /> <style name="LegendText" type="font" font="Arial" size="11" bold="0" color="6e6f71" /> </definition> - <application> <apply toObject="xaxisname" styles="Title" /> <apply toObject="yaxisname" styles="Title" /> <apply toObject="datalabels" styles="Labels" /> <apply toObject="yaxisvalues" styles="Labels" /> <apply toObject="TOOLTIP" styles="ToolText" /> <apply toObject="Legend" styles="LegendText" /> </application> </styles> </chart>
  3. Hello sir, I have a fusion chart in my page which is working fine with all the browsers except IE7(compatibility mode). Which is showing a "Invalid data." message when i render it in IE 7 mode. Can you give any suggestions to resolve that Fusion Chart dll version : 3.2.2 License Type : Licensed Chart Type : Scatter.swf Browser : IE9 in compatibility mode I have attached the screenshot of the above issue. Is there something like some fixes in ur .js files or new version of Fusion chart ( 3.3.0) or any other way....Any help will be appreciated Thanks Afdal
  4. Hi, In my MSLine Fusionchart if my list count is one then it is pointing to the left-hand side, that is in the 0th can i change the position of the label to draw it to the middle of the chart ?? Thanks in advance Afdal
  5. Drill Down Day X Axis Format

    Hi, Try the can customize your Xaxis label new XElement("category", new XAttribute("label",date.ToString("MM.dd.yyyy")) or you can ToShortDateString() Hop this will help you Thanks Afdal