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  1. Hello, I am looking for information on the FCMap_DistrictofColumbia.swf map. What are the internal IDs for each section (North West, North East, South West, South East)? Or, can you provide a CSV of this info? (I have the Map CSV extractions, but the DC map is not included in my archive.) Thank you.
  2. I, too, am interested in an update on the new version. Do you have any information on a possible release timeframe? Thank you,
  3. DotNet integration

    I am interested in finding out if this .dll is available. Is there any new information for this? Thank you.
  4. Do PowerMaps work with Flex V2.0.1 ?

    Thank you for the link! I am trying to implement this now.
  5. Do PowerMaps work with Flex V2.0.1 ?

    I am curious to know if you have an update on this. Thank you.
  6. To close this thread, support has told me that this is not possible at this time.
  7. Can I create a generic Map object, then cast it into the version I need? The following code runs, but the map is not attached. I don't think the cast works in this scenario? //----- preloading / application messages --------------------------// #include "com/fusionmaps/includes/LoadingFunctions.as" #include "com/fusionmaps/includes/AppMessages.as" import com.fusionmaps.core.Map; import com.fusionmaps.maps.World8Map; //----- Main() --------------------------// var mapContainer_mc:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("MapHolder", 1); var xml_obj:XML = XML(LoadMapXml("World8Map.xml")); var newMap_obj:World8Map = World8Map(CreateMap(mapContainer_mc)); newMap_obj.setXMLData(xml_obj); newMap_obj.render(); //----- create map -------------------------------------------------// function CreateMap(mapContainer_mc:MovieClip):Map { map_obj = new Map(mapContainer_mc, 1, 740, 420, 26, 26, true, "EN", "exactFit"); return map_obj; } //----- load xml file ---------------------------------------------// function LoadMapXml(file_str:String) { var xml_obj:XML = new XML(); xml_obj.ignoreWhite = true; xml_obj.load(file_str); xml_obj.onLoad = function(success:Boolean) { if (success) { return xml_obj; } }; } Any suggestions? Thank you! -- Tara Deschenes Technimedia, LLC
  8. Thank you for your reply.
  9. I am having the same issue, however I am using ASP.NET/C# and rendering the chart's Flash tags with the FusionCharts.RenderChart method. How do I compensate for this problem in this case and set the WMODE for the chart? Thank you!!