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  1. If I set the upperLimit to 60, the gauge goes to 100. If I set the upperLimit to 200, the gauge goes to 200. If I set the upperLimit to 360, the gauge goes to 360. ?????? Why doesn't it go below 100% <chart bgAlpha='0' dataStreamURL="http://www.mbsratewatch.com/xignite_dji.aspx" refreshinterval="5" tickValueStep='1' majorTMNumber='3' minorTMNumber='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='60' numberSuffix='min' showBorder='0' basefontColor='415B6A' chartTopMargin='25' chartBottomMargin='25' chartLeftMargin='25' chartRightMargin='25' toolTipBgColor='80A905' gaugeFillMix='{dark-10},FFFFFF,{dark-10}' gaugeFillRatio='3'> <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='20' code='00D821' /> <color minValue='20' maxValue='40' code='F6BD0F' /> <color minValue='40' maxValue='60' code='E33C3C' /> </colorRange> <dials> <dial rearExtension='10' /> </dials> <trendpoints> <point value='30' displayValue='Average' fontcolor='004400' useMarker='1' dashed='1' dashLen='2' dashGap='2' valueInside='1' /> </trendpoints> </chart>
  2. Tick Marks

    I have an angular gauage with a lowerLimit of 0 and upperLimit of 100. If I set majorTMNumber='4' I get 5 tick marks. If I set majorTMNumber='8' I get 6 tick marks. If I set majorTMNumber='12' I get 11 tick marks. About to pull my hair out. Can someone explain this?
  3. Does anyone have a working example of a gauge that polls its data? I see in the documentation there are bits and pieces concerning setting up a real-time gauge, but there is not complete example.
  4. Get error: Server unavailable

    Would it help to preload the charts?
  5. Get error: Server unavailable

    Windows server 2003. It is just a php file, but the php code only checks if someone it a subscriber or not. We are using simple HTML code to render the charts.
  6. Get error: Server unavailable

    We are using FusionCharts, FusionWidgets, and PowerCharts on a page the refreshes every 3 minutes. There are 300 subscribers logged into this page. We frequently get the "Server Unavailable" error. Refreshing the page helps sometimes, but most of the time the subscriber has to close their browser and log back in. We have also tried to recycle the application pool, but that does not help either. Any idea what is causing this problem?
  7. Tickmarks on Angular Gauge

    Yes, that worked. Thank you.
  8. Tickmarks on Angular Gauge

    I have an Angular Gauge that runs from 0 to 300. I would like tickmarks to show at each increment of 10 and major tickmarks to show at increments of 50, and have the values 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 to print on the outside of the chart. For the live of me, I cannot figure out how to do this. Can someone help?
  9. I added the following, but the right-click menu still appears. <chart showFCMenuItem='0' yAxisValueDecimals='3' ...... Any suggestions?
  10. Transparent background

    I cannot get the background of this chart to be transparent. Note that I add the line chart.setTransparent(true); <div id="chartdiv" align="center"> FusionCharts. </div> <div align="center"> <script type="text/javascript"> var chart = new FusionCharts("powercharts_developer/Charts/Candlestick.swf", "ChartId", "700", "400", "0", "0"); chart.setDataURL("Data/mbsCandle5_oleDB.xml"); chart.setTransparent(true); chart.render("chartdiv"); </script> </div>
  11. Watermark

    I tried it, but the water mark is hidden behind the chart area. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Charts will not show in FireFox. Additional note, the page also contains a Flash movie which does not show. I removed the movie, and the charts still do not show in FireFox
  13. My client is using one of the line charts, but the y-axis will not display properly because we are feeding it 32nds. Example: the difference between 99.27 and 100.5 is .10 in 32nds, not 1.23.