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  1. Multiple x-axis labels

    Hi, We wanted to plot a “mscolumn2d” type chart. X-axis label is time range and wanted to plat two chart with different time ranges in same chart using “mscolumn2d”. We have been able to show one label on x-axis. How we can show both together on x-axis using Fusion Chart? Can you please help ? Thanks and regards, Sameer
  2. Timeline Charts

    Hi, Any update on when this is expected? Regards, Sameer
  3. Java And Fusion Charts

    Hi Bindhu, Another question: If I render a chart using javascript rendered, and I choose to export it, can I embed more content as part of the exported PDF? E.g. I might want to embed a header page, a content page with some more content, etc... Regards, Sameer
  4. Java And Fusion Charts

    Thanks for the clarification. Is support for Java anywhere on the radar? Will really help for reporting kind of functionalities. Regards, Sameer
  5. Java And Fusion Charts

    Hi, I am not rendering the charts on my UI, so no Javascript or Flex. I am wondering if Fusion charts has a pure Java way of generating charts, and embed in a PDF generated using iText/BIRT or some other Java library. Regards, Sameer
  6. Java And Fusion Charts

    Hi, I intend to create PDF report form my Java code. As part of this, I want to embed fusion charts along with other data in the report. Is this possible? There is no UI element involved during creation of the report. If yes, what is the mechanism to do this? Thanks and regards, Sameer
  7. Require.js And Interactive Pie Chart

    Hi Sashibhushan, Thanks for your reply. I was making a basic mistake, and could get the functionality to work. Regards, Sameer =====
  8. Hi, I have an application implemented using require.js and backbone.js, and I am embedding fusion pie charts in this application. All this works fine. For interactivity on the pie chart, the documentation says that I can add a javascript function in the same HTML file, and use the "link" attribute on the set node. I cannot seem to get this to work. Is there any special consideration if I am using Fusion charts from require.js? If I use the alert() call instead of my defined JS function, it works fine. Any input will help. Thanks and regards, Sameer