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  1. Hi, I am making use of the following method to loop through display a list of drilldown charts in my jsp. Is there a way to use registerWithJS using this code?This parameter is present with the fusionChart constructor. //Create the chart - Pie 3D Chart with data from strXML String chartCode=createChartHTML("./FusionCharts/Column2D.swf", strXML, "" , "xyz", 600, 300, false); %> <%=chartCode%> Thanks, Olives
  2. Hi, I am quite new to Fusion charts & most of the attributes in Fusion Charts are unknown. I wish to allign the Legend, which should be vertically placed one above the other. Is this possible? Please reply ASAP. Also is there a possibility to add additional information as a text close to the Legend area. For example: Suppose the Legend was being shown '[blue] tom' '[red] jerry' '[green] spike' (blue, red & green are colors). Could I modify the legend (or add some text) for a similar pattern: '[blue] tom avg salary:10 max salary:15' '[red] jerry avg salary:18 max salary:20' '[green] spike avg salary:5 max salary:7' (avg salary & max Salary were calculated from the related graph.)
  3. Invisible datapoint

    Hi, I am attaching a sample graph that shows the following issue. The datapoints are shown with 1 minute interval (high density) We have a data point of value (x, y) = (05:45am, 3.15K). This can be seen in the tooltip when we scroll over but the point is invisible in the graph. Why is this so? Thanks.
  4. Invisible datapoint

    Additional Info: One reason what we believe is that could be a reason is that there may be adjacent null points on either sides of this data point. a. If this be the case, is there a way to overcome this so that we can see this point? b. Is it possible to anchor this orphan datapoint? c. If a graph (line type or otherwise) is broken due to null points, is there a way to highlight these broken end points alone with anchors? Thanks.
  5. Hi, We are creating a chart (combined), with a time axis interval of 1 minute with information for a week. We are plotting an area/bar chart for this. (for both axes.) In the chart attributes, when we provide showPlotBorder='0' & plotGradientColor='', no charts are displayed. But, on removal of these attributes, the charts get rendered. Why is this so? Is there a solution to this? We require these attributes. This effect was not seen when the combined chart was rendered as a Line (renderAs='Line'). Thanks.
  6. Hi, The xml attached provides the error I was talking about. The version used is 3.3. Conditions to set: SWF file used: MSCombiDY2D.swf Chart width = 150 Chart height = 75 Issue occurs only when the renderAs is 'Bar'. When the attributes showPlotBorder='0' plotGradientColor='' are removed, then the plot will be shown. Thanks. test4.xml
  7. Alligning Legend & a Text Area

    Could you tell me how to align the legend?
  8. createChartHTML and registerWithJS

    Hi, I am working on rendering of fusion charts on portlets (liferay-tomcat). I actually tried the javascript invocation on a simple apache server and everything works fine. But when i use it on liferay,things go for a toss. In the velocity template ,i give the property for click url of the chart as follows: clickURL='JavaScript:%26lt;portlet%3Anamespace%2F%26gt;TestMethod();' Then pass the registerWithJS parameter as follows in jsp: <% String url=chart.getFusionChartSWFFile()+"?registerWithJS=1"; String chartHTMLCode=createChartHTML(url, "",strXML,"MainChartId_${loopStatus.index}", 400, 300, true); %><%=chartHTMLCode%> The javascript given in jsp is as follows: pleasefind the code in ChartDebugger.txt attched. The chart debugger has no errors.The javascript invocation in the chart debugger is as follows:ChartDebugger.txt attched. If anyone has worked on fusioncharts for portlets or has any idea please feel free to suggest. Thanks, olives ChartDebugger.txt
  9. createChartHTML and registerWithJS

    hi, Thank you for the reply. I am making use of Fusion chart version 3.0.5.this does not work. One of the forum posts mentioned using fusion 3.0.6 for the registerWithJS=1 to be working. Will it work with the trial version of 3.0.6? Thanks, olives