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  1. Hi, I'm charting multiple data sets in a line graph. To distinguish the different lines I'm using the anchorSides property to generate triangles, squares. I would like to display not only the color but the symbol that is being used for that dataset in the Legend. Is there a way I can achieve this, it will help if someone prints out the graph in b&w to differentiate the lines and for people who are color blind. Also let me know if there is a custom way of doing this by using <styles>. Thanks for your time help. Rahul
  2. Legend to match anchorSides to differentiate

    Hi sumedh, I am using anchorSides and anchorRadius in my dataset but the legend is still comming up with square boxes regardless of the different specification. <dataset seriesName='2014' color='330000' anchorBgColor='330000' anchorRadius='7' anchorSides='3'> Is it becasue i am using the Older version i think its (Fusion Charts 3.1.1). I probaly should have mentioned earlier(my bad). Let me know if there is a way i can still do this. Thank you for your help. Rahul P.S Thank you bmcwhorter for your input.
  3. Change Data

    I was trying to follow your example but only the first data show its not actually switching the data. I am using FusionChart 3.1.1 not sure what the name of it is and i tried the following code .. <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function updateChart(domId){ updateChartXML(domId,"<graph><set name='A' value='30' color='D64646' /><set name='B' value='51' color='AFD8F8' /></graph>"); this.document.frmUpdate.btnUpdate.disabled = true; } </SCRIPT> <div id="chart1div"> FusionCharts </div> <script language="JavaScript"> var chart1 = new FusionCharts("/FusionCharts/Optix/Column2D.swf", "chart1Id", "100%", "350"); chart1.setDataXML("<graph><set name='A' value='10' color='D64646' /><set name='B' value='11' color='AFD8F8' /></graph>"); chart1.render("chart1div"); </script> <form name='frmUpdate'> <input type='button' value='Change Data' onClick="javaScript:updateChart('chart1Id');" name='btnUpdate'> </form> Its giving me object expected error .. Can you pls advise .. Or can you suggest another way to change data in a fusion chart on the client side ..
  4. Change Data

    Hi Sashibhusan, Thank you for that .. that is exactly what i was looking for .. Thank you for your help..Take care Rahul
  5. Change Data

    Hi sumedh, Thank you so much for your help that worked ..sorry to bother you again ..so how can i have a link to get back to the old data ?? I mean i know i can another function with same old data to link back to that function but is there a better way ..like when i am in the second chart a back link to go back ? Thank you sumedh.
  6. Change Data

    Hi Sumedh, Unfortunately my hands are tied for the update. If you can help me with a solution for that version that woudl have been great.. Thank you .. Thank you for your help Rahul.
  7. Hi, I am using Fusion Charts 3.1.1 & i would like to link two charts with xml embbed in. Is it possible to load it in same div or Seprate div with javascipt or without. can you please show an example on how to link from the embbed xml to render seprate graph to diffrent div or same div. If that is not possible can you please also give an example of linking a chart to IFrame when the embed chart is on the same page. Thank you for your help. Rahul
  8. Chart Not To Plot Value With 0

    hi, I have values comming from database i would like to know if there is a way with fusion chart not to plot values if its 0, if not is it possible to add a javascript or xml if statement within a datatset? thank you for the help in advance.. Rahul
  9. Chart Not To Plot Value With 0

    Thank You