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  1. I'm trying to stagger labels with a large labelStep property (example: 366 data points per series and 13 different Month/year combinations, so I'd set my interval at 29 to attempt to have 1 label per Month/Year) and the chart is rendering many more labels than expected. I need to set a category for each of the labels (even if they're repeats) so the data all lines up, but it does not seem to be applying the labelStep property. I've attached my XML and a screenshot. Am I missing a step or a parameter? FusionXML.txt
  2. 2D Donut Center Label

    Thank you for the response, and sorry for the delay in my response. We may just need to update our FusionCharts.js file in that case. We are still running 3.2.4.
  3. Special Characters Aren't Working

    If I don't make an explicit replacement of the apostrophes, the XML breaks and it returns as "Invalid Data" and does not display the chart. It seems like the StringBuilder that concatenates the various XML strings doesn't like the apostrophes, as it breaks the string when it hits that point. I'm using a LINQ query to get the data from SQL, which then runs through a foreach loop: protected void createRows(StringBuilder XML, getPreferredPPAsByDeveloperCompanyIDResult y) { if (y.CompanyName == "Undisclosed") { XML.Append("<set label='" + ReplaceBadChartStrings(y.CompanyName) + "' value='" + y.TotalCapacityPurchased + "' color='#b30000' />"); } else { XML.Append("<set label='" + ReplaceBadChartStrings(y.CompanyName) + "' value='" + y.TotalCapacityPurchased + "' />"); } } private string ReplaceBadChartStrings(string str) { string strFixed; strFixed = str.Replace("'", "'").Replace("&", "&").Replace(">", ">").Replace("<", "<").Replace("\"", """); return strFixed; } When it hits the entries with the apostrophes in the "y.CompanyName" bit (without replacing the characters), it unexpectedly terminates and doesn't close the XML (XML.Append("</chart>)) and the chart fails to render.
  4. 2D Donut Center Label

    On the 2D donut chart, when there is only one data row (one "<set label>" entry), the label appears in the center of the chart. I read through the documentation and the only info seems to be about styling that center label. Is it possible to get that label to appear like the labels on multiple-entry 2D donuts?
  5. Special Characters Aren't Working

    This is an old thread, so I hope somebody sees this (I can repost it in a new thread as well). I'm using the 2D Donut chart, and in my C# codebehind I'm using a stringbuilder to build my XML string. I added a helper method to parse out all of the special characters referenced in this document: This has fixed a problem I was having getting the charts to render when the data included those characters. However, the chart itself is not re-coding the characters as what they should be, at least in the case of Apostrophes (see attached screenshot). On the left side of this chart, you can see Kohl's and Toys 'R' Us with "%26apos;" (I tried "'" and "%26apos;"), but on the right, Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority is showing the Ampersand correctly (any text truncation is due to the size of the containing div). private string ReplaceBadChartStrings(string str) { string strFixed; strFixed = str.Replace("'", "%26apos;").Replace("&", "&").Replace(">", ">").Replace("<", "<").Replace("\"", """); return strFixed; }
  6. Removing "tick Mark" Values From Gradient Legend

    Is this customization possible?
  7. Removing "tick Mark" Values From Gradient Legend

    I'm using FusionMaps. This is how my map looks: ( This is how I would like my map to look: (
  8. I may have just missed this in the documentation, but is there a way to remove the tick mark values from the Gradient label? I would like to just assign the startLabel and endLabel values without anything showing up under the gradient whatsoever.
  9. Add "target=_Parent" To Fusionmaps Link

    That worked perfectly, thank you very much!
  10. Our site is using fusionmaps in an iframe with a series of links outside of the frame specifying the source of the iframe to change from map to map. The "link" attribute is dynamically generated and then fed to the <entity> tag using "link='{2}'" and then the dataarray feeding it each link. This is all working as expected. The issue I'm having is that the redirect link is loading the new page in the iframe. I need a way to append a "target="_parent"" to the link so it will load in the parent page like I'd expect it to. Searching through the knowledgebase only told me how to load in a popup window.
  11. Wmode=Transparent Not Rendering In Ie9

    Can you possibly direct me to the FusionMaps download? I wasn't the original developer who acquired the FusionMaps package, I've just been working within the framework, and I'm not sure how to get to the new downloads.
  12. Wmode=Transparent Not Rendering In Ie9

    Thank you for your reply! I will work on installing the upgrade to FusionMaps XT and get back to this thread after I've done so.
  13. Wmode=Transparent Not Rendering In Ie9

    I am using FusionMaps in a page that also has <ajax:HoverMenuExtender> being used for navigation menus. The issue we are having is that when our HoverMenus extend as they are supposed to, they appear behind the map. This is simple enough to fix, as we can utilize the "WMode=Transparent" bit of code to get the .swf file to appear behind the HoverMenuExtenders. That said, this does NOT work in Internet Explorer 9. This DOES work in Firefox 14.1, which our product also supports. This is clearly a problem with IE9, but I need to find a way around it. Research has shown that adding a line of code into the JavaScript map rendering can fix it. This is the javascript that FusionMaps is producing: var Map_mapid = new FusionMaps("../FusionMaps/FCMap_WorldwithCountries.swf", "mapid", "800", "600", "0", "0"); Map_mapid.setDataURL("CountryOverviewData.aspx"); Map_mapid.render("mapidDiv"); I need to add a line of code that says: or similar so I can push the .swf object to the back and allow our hovermenuextenders to show up above the FusionMap. I am generally unskilled with using JavaScript (my coding experience is mostly in ASP.NET and C#), so I am not sure how to alter the FusionMaps.js file to add this line of code. Can anybody help with this problem?