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  1. I have now upgraded to V1.1.0.0 but am still struggling with the same problem. How do i create a bar chart that will simply show the total SUM of one column?
  2. In my dashboard i would like to add a barchart with 3 bars representing the total (sum) of a currency amount entered into 3 separate columns. Bar 1 - sum column x Bar 2 - sum column y Bar 3 - sum column z Now, i might be missing something but i can only get this to work if i group these columns first. Does anyone know of a way to get the software to sum columns without first grouping them? I am using collabion v0.8.9.0
  3. Hi Vishal, Can you confirm whether the June 1 2012 release of Collabion Charts supports reading the Created and Modified fields? I am currently using an older beta version and looking to use this functionality.