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  1. Hi Sumedh, There is something new in the bug fixes? Thanks, Victor
  2. Hi Sumedh, Was created a bug on this issue? How can I keep track of when the bug will be fixed? Thanks, Victor
  3. Hi, Swarnam I use swf files from FusionMapsFlex package Version 1.0 - 07 June 2010
  4. Hi Sumedh, I use query string for loading swf file with data from xml config var url = "path/" + "FCMap_World.swf" + "?dataXML=" + escape(xml) + "&mapwidth="+w+"&mapheight="+h+"&mode=laszlo"; view.setSource(url, cache, headers, filetype);
  5. Hello, when a map is loaded multiple times all labels are moved in left top angle of the map see simple code below: <canvas width="1200" height="800" proxied="false"> <view width="1000" height="600"> <simplelayout axis="x" spacing="5"/> <view width="800" height="600" id="a"> <method name="setSource" args="source , cache = null, headers = null, filetype = null"> <![CDATA[ var xml = "<map animation='0' mapbottommargin='0' maptopmargin='0' mapleftmargin='0' maprightmargin='0'/>" super.setSource(source + "?mode=laszlo&dataXML=" + escape(xml) + "&mapwidth=750&mapheight=400", cache, headers, filetype); ]]> </method> </view> <view width="1000" height="600"> <simplelayout axis="y" spacing="15"/> <button text="world"> <handler name="onclick"> a.setSource("http:FCMap_World.swf"); </handler> </button> </view> </view> </canvas> Why does labels are moved? How can I fix this problem? Thanks, Victor