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  1. Click Event Supported Lengend

    Please help me......
  2. Click Event Supported Lengend

    Please help on this
  3. Hi Team, How to javascript click evet in legend of PIE CHAR? Please help me. Thanks Babu
  4. Thank you very much for response. port:8088 worked on php site for "http://localhost:8088/export/charts/index.php" ,This url used in xml for exporting images. java application Url.. http://localhost/app...oye_profile.jsp. thanks babu
  5. header("Location: http://localhost/app/employe_profile.jsp"); //This is local url
  6. Thanks for reply. I have used header() in php but page refreshed while click download button. when click download button,we are able saving images in local path but struct at php site. Please find attachment for reference. Thanks Babu
  7. Ipad Fusioncharts Not Working

    Hey, Please clear cache for all browsers. Earlier i got this error. Thanks
  8. Problem With Dual Y

    Hey, Please check it once (MSCombiDY2D.swf). thanks babu
  9. Ipad Fusioncharts Not Working

    Hey Please active line FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('JavaScript'); in code ,if use javascript chart (without flash) of latest version works fine. Thanks Babu
  10. Thanks for response. Please give me your mailid, i am sending sample app to ur mail . Thanks Babu
  11. Hi, We are used pure javascript fusion charts(without flash).Working fine. we are using latest of fusioncharts. 1.we have implemented exporting images in our application by using php(Highcharts).Here one problem facing how to controling php site after saving images in localpath,its going php site how to solve this. 2.what is diffrent between SetDataXML and setDataURL? Problems are below please check it.Please help on these. Here we are observered. setDataXML-- one fired DrawComplete while click buuton. See once below code FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('JavaScript'); var myChart = new FusionCharts(path, "myChart123", width, height,'0', '1'); myChart.setDataXML(xml.join("")); myChart.render(divId); FusionCharts("myChart123").addEventListener ("DrawComplete" , myChartListener ); }; setDataURL-- everytime fired DrawComplete while click buuton. FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('JavaScript'); var myChart = new FusionCharts(path, "myChart123", width, height,'0', '1'); myChart.setDataURL("/app/p4p/sample.xml"); myChart.render(divId); FusionCharts("myChart123").addEventListener ("DrawComplete" , myChartListener ); }; Please help me. Thanks Babu
  12. Showing Data On Pie

    Hey muralikanth, Could u provide sample for that. Thanks babu
  13. Pie Chart

    Hey, Added Listener while rendering.find below code . function myChartListener(eventObject, argumentsObject) { /// add code for popup } /// render code FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('JavaScript'); var chartId = "ChartId"+ Math.floor(Math.random() * (new Date()).getTime() + 1); var chiefExecutiveChart = new FusionCharts(path, chartId, width,height,'0', '1'); chiefExecutiveChart.setDataXML(xml.join("")); chiefExecutiveChart.render(divId); FusionCharts(chartId).addEventListener("click", myChartListener); thanks babu