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  1. Show Half Line In Multiline Chart

  2. I'd like to know two things. If you check the image attached, can i shown only the total of stacked chart column, and is there a multicolumn bar and stack combination graph. Please provide a link with suitable example.
  3. Show Half Line In Multiline Chart

    There are 3 lines in my MultiLine Chart, one of the lines has less data so it dips down after certain point, so i have to stop the dipping of that particular line, by showing till where it has data. How can this be done?
  4. Cross Site Scripting Issue

    I'm facing same issue, how can i overcome this
  5. hi i want to display caption as >40 hours / < 40 hours for linked chart i did it in following way >40 hours / < 40 hours but it gave invalid data. same thing i worked with other pie charts it works fine,this happens only with linked charts. what might be the issue? i have pasted xml for only linked charts xmlData.Append("<linkeddata id='" + item + "'>"); xmlData.Append("<chart showLegend='1' showZeroPies='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' caption='(<40 Hours / >40 Hours)' subcaption='Order for " + item + "'" + "palette='2' animation='1' formatNumberScale='0'" + " showBorder='0' exportAtClient='0' exportAction='save' exportEnabled='1' exportFileName='order_Pie_4_" + rnd.Next().ToString() + "'" + " exportHandler='" + HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.GetLeftPart(UriPartial.Authority) + HttpRuntime.AppDomainAppVirtualPath + "/App/FCExporter.aspx'>");
  6. Load More Then One Linked On Click

    Thanks this works
  7. How can load multiple charts on clicking a chart. I have a bar chart, below it i have to load 4 pie chart. When i click on a bar i need to load 4 pie charts with respect to the clicked bar chart value. I tried linked chart, but i guess linked charts allow only one linked chart. Is there a workaround for this?
  8. Linked Charts Batch Export Help

    Thank you Sudipto Choudhury for your immediate response. This is what i actually wanted.
  9. I have several charts in my application page, where few charts are linked charts. Batch export works fine for these charts, but once i get the linked charts and try to batch export i get error in script. for (var i = 0; i < chartcount; i++) { chartObject1 = getChartFromId('BackLog' + i); if (chartObject1 != null) { if (chartObject1.hasRendered()) //error occurs here when linked charts are viewed and tried for export chartObject1.exportChart(); totalCharts++; } } It would be helpful if a sample code snippet is given to show, how to batch export when linked charts are used. I have another doubt, what will be the chart id of linked chart, is it the parent chart id or should we specify it?
  10. Showing Data On Pie

    as sumedh said,its not possible to display on the pie slice.you need to do them using smart labels
  11. Hi, i have many graphs of different sizes on a page,when i batch export them each image is inserted directly on a page,since they all are not of same size it looks awkward.i want them to save in a document with white background.any suggestions pls help. Regards, FF_
  12. Batch Export Exception Occours In Paticular Browser

    ok thanks for your answer..
  13. Batch Export Exception Occours In Paticular Browser

    Hi, The IE version you have used is 9 (IE9) This error occours in IE8 in non compatibility view. And can i know the browser version in which batch feature export is supported both IE and FF and thanks for your time.
  14. Capturing Image Happens Only On Focus

    any workaround for this??
  15. Batch Export Exception Occours In Paticular Browser

    hi, is there a solution for this problem?