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  1. Hi, We are using Fusioncharts XT v3.2.3 and wanted to upgrade jquery version to 1.9.2. When we tried to render a pie chart in Javascript mode, the pie chart is not rendered on the page, but the chart labels and tooltip are working. We did not get any js error also. Please let us know if there is any limitation with the jquery versions or any work around available. Thanks! Rani
  2. Hi, We are using stacked column 2d chart and applied showSum='1' as we need to display the total sum of the column. When all the elements in one column of the chart are null, we are getting a javascript error, which is because of the 'showSum'. If showSum attribute is set to zero, then we will get empty space above the category when whole column elements are null, without any error. But when showSum is set to '1' we are getting problem. Please suggest if there is a way to display the showSum for this column as 'N/A' in this scenario, without hitting js error. Thanks in advance for your support!
  3. How to add HTML table as tooltip text

    Hi, Thanks for the response! I tried adding the same tooltext provided in the comment but it still didn't solve the issue. Now everything is coming in one straight line. Please find the image attached, of tooltip after adding the table code. Also, we are rendering the chart in Javascript mode only. Please suggest. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi, As custom tooltip text, I'm trying to add a html table with two columns, where the second column is right aligned. Please guide us how to implement the same, as we could not get the desired result even after adding isHTML="1" and adding the html tags similar to how we implement <b> (<b>) in the tooltext. Please find attached image for the desired output. Thanks in advance for the support!
  5. Hi, When Fusionchart is rendered through javascript, the hover effect on the data plots is not always displaying the tooltip for points which are plotted on the chart border. Specifically, for the data plots on the border, tooltip is triggered only if they are hovered from within the chart area and if we hover from outside the border, tooltip does not appear. This means that the hovering from outside of the square area over a plotted point that is on the edge of the graph will not trigger the label to appear. Please find attached the sample chart image where we are facing this issue. Attaching the image as I'm not able to upload the video capture of .swf format, will email the same to [email protected] Please suggest! Thanks! Rani
  6. Hi, We are using FusionCharts 3.2.3 to render charts in Javascript mode when flash is unavailable. We are also using prototype.js which is conflicting with the new FusionChart script files. We are getting the following error when accessing a particular module: "TypeError: element.tagName is undefined" in prototype.js file. We tried to upgrade prototype.js to latest version but that gave more issues. Adding script for jquery noConflict also didn't help us resolve the conflict. Please note this issue is occuring only when javascript charts are rendered and no conflict when the flash charts are rendered. Please look into the issue and suggest accordingly as this is hindering the release. (Please fins attached screenshot of the error) Thanks! Rani