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  1. That, my friend, is a great spot. I'll make the change tonight, thanks!
  2. I have an issue rendering a simple angular gauge. The xml is as follows: <chart caption=\"Average Performance\" subCaption=\"50 Percent\" lowerLimit=\"0\" upperLimit=\"100\" lowerLimitDisplay=\"Epic Fail\" upperLimitDisplay=\"WIN\" gaugeStartAngle=\"180\" gaugeEndAngle=\"20\" numberSuffix=\"%\" showValue=\"1\"><colorRange><color minValue=\"0\" maxValue=\"50\" color=\"ed2323\" /><color minValue=\"50\" maxValue=\"85\" color=\"ff9900\" /><color minValue=\"85\" maxValue=\"100\" color=\"00ff09\" /></colorRange><dials><dial value=\"50\" /></dials></chart> The expected display of this chart is simply, a left to right curve with: Red 0-50%, Amber 50-85% Green 85-100%. Value: 50%. When this chart is rendered, depending on the render mode and the browser the color range will render incorrectly for me. IE8 Javascript Rendering: OK. IE8 Flash Rendering, IE9, Chrome, Firefox: Scale correct, but colors in color range are back to front: Green 0-50% Amber: 50-85% Red: 85-100% Have I done something stupid? The angular gauge will only render correctly in IE8 Javascript mode.