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  1. Hi, I am using FusionCharts XT (v3.2.2) Service Release 4 (Released on 6th August, 2012). PFB the xml code i have used: <chart bgColor='FFFFFF' allowScaling='0' allowRotation='0' palette='1' clustered='0' showPlotBorder='0' zGapPlot='40' zDepth='30' divLineEffect='emboss' startAngX='5' endAngX='5' startAngY='-50' endAngY='-50' canvasBgAlpha='0' canvasBorderAlpha='0' outCnvBaseFontSize='13' baseFontSize='11' formatNumberScale='0' showYAxisValues='1' formatNumber='0' plotFillRatio='100' legendBgAlpha='0' legendBorderAlpha ='0' LegendShadow='0' chartLeftMargin='0' chartTopMargin='0' chartBottomMargin='0' chartRightMargin='0' captionPadding='0' yAxisNamePadding='0' xAxisNamePadding='0' animation='0' xLabelGap='50'> <categories fontSize='9'> <category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/> <category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/> <category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/> <category label='SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/> <category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/> <category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/> <category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/><category label='AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'/> </categories> <dataset seriesname='In Transits' color='4E81BD'> <set value='0'/><set value='0'/><set value='18'/><set value='8'/><set value='1'/><set value='9'/><set value='5'/><set value='9'/><set value='1'/> <set value='16'/><set value='1'/><set value='10'/><set value='1'/><set value='2'/><set value='5'/><set value='8'/><set value='15'/><set value='0'/> <set value='0'/><set value='4'/><set value='1'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='Received But Not Shipped' color='C1504C'> <set value='1'/><set value='2'/><set value='12'/><set value='6'/><set value='0'/><set value='4'/><set value='1'/><set value='0'/><set value='0'/> <set value='4'/><set value='0'/><set value='9'/><set value='0'/><set value='0'/><set value='0'/><set value='1'/><set value='2'/><set value='0'/> <set value='2'/><set value='9'/><set value='1'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='Received And Shipped' color='9BBB5A'> <set value='7'/><set value='0'/><set value='7'/><set value='2'/><set value='4'/><set value='4'/><set value='3'/><set value='3'/><set value='0'/> <set value='12'/><set value='0'/><set value='2'/><set value='5'/><set value='0'/><set value='4'/><set value='9'/><set value='7'/><set value='4'/> <set value='0'/><set value='0'/><set value='1'/> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name='dataFont' type='font' color='000000' bold='1'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='DATAVALUES' styles='dataFont'/> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='dataFont'/> <apply toObject='LEGEND' styles='dataFont'/> <apply toObject='CAPTION' styles='dataFont'/> </application> </styles></chart>
  2. Hi, I am trying to implement a chart using 3DMsCombi.swf. Everything in that charts gets dispalyed properly except that the Labels are getting overlapped: because of the lables are very long. because the size of the chart is small. PFA the screen shot: 3 D chart.bmp Is there a way i can display the lables properly without increasing the chart size? I have tried the following possiblities and it did not help: Increaasing the size of the chart - This works, but my screen looks bad as the size of the chart becomes too big. Also, if the data gets increased I will have to resize the chart again. Changing the angle of the chart. Increasing the plot percentage. Decreasing the font size of the lables. If there is no exact solution you can help me with some work arround also. Thank you, Priyanka
  3. Problem With Pop Up Chart

    Hi Sanjukta, Thanks for the reply, I am working on the latest version of FusionCharts only, but still I am facing the problem. Thanks, Priyanka
  4. Hi, Here goes my problem. I am trying to click on a data set in my chart which opens up another chart in a pop up. First time the chart is displayed properly. The second time when I re-click on same dataset. I get a javascript error. Attached is the screen shot of the error. fusion charts error.bmp Kindly help me in recognizing the problem and if possible let me know the solution / workarround for the same. I need it urgently as I have a deliverable for day after tomorrow. Thanks a lot in advance. Priyanka
  5. Hi Friends, I have a requirement where I have to draw expenential trend line in my chart. Is there a way by which I can achieve the requirement? Thank you, Priyanka
  6. Problem With Mapping

    Thanks a lot Sumedh.
  7. Problem With Mapping

    Hi, I am sorry for attaching different xml. But the difference was about just 1 number in dataset. Rest the XML was same. Also thanks a lot for your suggestion this did solve my problem, but is there any way that I can avoid decimal numbers appearing on y-axis? Thank you, Pri.
  8. Problem With Mapping

    Hi Sumedh, PFA the xml below: FG Forecast.xml Thanks, Priyanka
  9. Problem With Mapping

    Hey Friends, Any updates???
  10. Problem With Mapping

    Hi All, I am trying to create a line chart where i have 8 values only 1 of the 8 values is 1 rest are 0. When I try to plot this i get the following chart: fusion charts prb.bmp The problem is the values displayed on Y- Axis. When I put numDivLines='0' I get the following chart where the mapping is not correct, as it marks a value which is less than 1. fusion charts prb.bmp Can you please help me with this? Thank you, Pri
  11. Thanks a lot Sudipto. It did help me a bit.
  12. Hi, I need to know the location Ids of, say certain cities, which i can map it on the world map. Do you have a list of the x and y cordinates of the locations so that I can easily mark the locations. Request you to please help me with this as it will really help me to finish off my work in short span of time that i have. Thank you,
  13. Thanks a lot for the quick reply Sumedh.
  14. Hi, I am trying to display 3 years data in a chart. I have lables that mark weekly data for the chart. Now to increase the redablity, I want to mark data for 1 year with year also. For better understanding of what I want please refer to the image attached. eg1.bmp Let me know if you have any concerns. Thank you.
  15. Query Regarding Batch Export

    Thanks a lot for the information Sumedh .