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  1. Literal Is Not Declared

    Yes, I am using your demo software so InfoSoftGlobal and System.Text are imported as you have written in your provided files. Also, you can see my folder structure a few comments above to see that all the mandatory files are included along with the correct paths
  2. Literal Is Not Declared

    So this is what I have determined so far. (Note that I have not really worked with ASP.Net before but have worked with VB.Net). If instead of creating a ASP.NET Project under Visual Studio 2010 and instead create a Web Site, I no longer get the error complaining about the Literal (Note that it appears that I can create a Project when using the Data URL method). I still don't render a chart but at least the compiler does not complain that it cannot see Literal1. I get no error messages so have no idea why the chart is not rendering. Doesn't appear that anything really even loads. Just get an enigmatic Chart. text in the middle of the screen under the title. What's very strange is if I create a Project (not Website), modify the Site.Master to point to the files from which I want to render, but then purposely EXCLUDE them from the project, I do get a successful rendering of the file(s). It's as if because I have excluded them from the project, they bypass the compiler error checking, but since they are pointed to by the Site.Master markup file, they are still rendered.
  3. Literal Is Not Declared

    Hi Sudipto: This is exactly what I was trying to run, the SingleSeries.aspx example, without modification. I simply changed the Site.Master to point to SingleSeries.aspx instead of Default.aspx. Here is a copy of solution explorer Note that what is strange about this is that even with the .dll included in the bin folder, FusionCharts is not seen. I still had to add FusionCharts.dll as a reference to the project. I was able to successfully run one of the basic examples (either simplechart or basicchart) and I believe that also had used a literal, but it was easily seen.
  4. Literal Is Not Declared

    Yes, it is included in the markup of the example code but is still not recognized. <div class="content-area"> <div id="content-area-inner-main"> <h2 class="headline"> Plotting single series chart from data contained in Array.</h2> <div class="gen-chart-render"> </div> <div class="clear"> <code><asp:Literal ID="Literal1" runat="server" Text="This Text"></asp:Literal></code> </div> <p> </p> <p class="small"> <!--<p class="small">This dashboard was created using FusionCharts XT, FusionWidgets v3 and FusionMaps v3 You are free to reproduce and distribute this dashboard in its original form, without changing any content, whatsoever. <br /> © All Rights Reserved</p> <p> </p>--> </p> <div class="underline-dull"> </div> </div> </div>
  5. I am trying out some of the demo code provided by fusion charts for ASP.net(VB). On a number of examples, I get the error that "Literal1 is not declared, when it clearly shows up as an object on the design view. I can write under the Page Load Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load Dim Literal1 As New Literal Literal1.Text = GetProductSalesChartHtml() End Sub so the error goes away, but no data will show up on the page. I am currently working on the single series array example. Thanks JC