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  1. I have a multi-axis chart... i show various metrices as lines on the chart. each metric has its own axis (since their scale and range are very different). Time is the common x-axis. Now I need to show the lines to appear as a dashed line towards the end... ie. towards the right side of the line... these are the forecast values. The actual values should be in a solid line.. Is this possible?
  2. Question on Bubble charts

    we are using this bubble chart (screenshot attached). On hover, the tooltip says "Cost , 1, $1 , 2127654". What's the relevance of 1 and $1 here? The 2127654 figure is ok. That represents the cost. Is there any way we can hide the "1, $1" part? regards, Sumant
  3. Multiple Waterfalls In A Single Chart Possible?

    Thanks. This is the attachment.,
  4. Hi Folks, is it possible to show multiple waterfall charts within a single chart? The waterfall I am attempting is this: ( a ). Increase due to more # Handsets sold ( b ) Increase due to higher average handset price ( c ). Total Increase Here the numbers ( a ) and ( b ) add up to ( c ) I am able to display like the example shown here: http://www.fusioncha...?id=waterfall_5 But i need to display this waterfall chart for more than one dealers. Need to show ( a ), ( b )and ( c ) for more than one dealers. How do I achieve this? The screenshot attached is sort of where i need to get. At the moment, they are implemented as 2 different waterfall charts that i show side by side. regards, Sumant