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  1. I've got a small chart, but the values showing up on the chart are converting like this: value=227622.0000 -> 227.622k value=307448.53 -> 307.44853k [ code ] [/ code ] {chart xAxisName="Current Payout: 136,236,100 points" Caption="Updated Jan 20 2010 " formatNumberScale="1" decimal="0" yAxisMaxValue="10" imageSave="1" imageSaveURL="/common/FusionCharts/scripts/FusionChartsSave.aspx" maxColWidth="100" palette="1" bgColor="ececed,FFFFFF" showBorder="1" borderColor="999999" showLabels="1" placeValuesInside="1" numberPrefix="" showValues="1" useRoundEdges="0" baseFont="Arial" baseFontSize="12"} {set label="Current" value="227622.0000" tooltext="Current: 227,622.00, Points: 136,236,100" color="48168d"/} {set label="Projected" value="307439.25" tooltext="Projected: 307,439.25, Points: 192,108,175" color="3ca417" alpha="60"/} {/chart}
  2. Scaling Values, but not int ToolText

    Thanks, that does help. If I do this, i then I suppose I have to invoke my own version of the formatNumberScale='1', or can I still take advantage of it somehow? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. Wow - so perfect, just as expected from FusionCharts!
  4. I want the chart to be clean, so re-writing values like 10043 as 10k is fine on the chart face. If a user hovers over it, I want the details to show exactly, ie: 10043.20 or 10,043.20 {chart showValues="0" Caption="Total Sales by Day" decimals="0"} {categories} {category label="30" tooltip="July 30, 2009"/} {category label="31" tooltip="July 31, 2009"/} {category label="1" tooltip="August 1, 2009"/} {category label="2" tooltip="August 2, 2009"/} {/categories} {dataset} {set label="30" value="10043.20"/} {set label="31" value="16021.50"/} {set label="1" value="743.00"/} {set label="2" value="1993.15"/} {/dataset} {/chart} Pardon the brace brackets, but the code tag doesn't seem to work. I know I can do this by manually specifying the tool tip in the element, but it are there any other ways? ie: something like: {chart DoNotFormatToolText="0" ... Thanks
  5. Alternatively, manually encode the & used to divide the querystring parameters with a %20 (it's encoded version). This worked for my piping through xsl.
  6. And also for "No Data to display"
  7. When a fusion chart loads via dataurl, it has a message which says: "Retrieving Data. Please wait." When our clients our on the French of Spanish sides of our site, this message should be displayed in the appropriate language. Is there any way I can do this? Jens
  8. Trendline not showing

    I have a treadline that shows on graph, this helps the user clearly see if he hit his targets or not. I've made it red when he's below and green when he's above. The problem is when he is so low the trendline does not even show because it is off the Y access. Is there any way to enforce trendlines to show on the plot? I have tried putting in the Y access at Trendline *1.2 althought I have 2 issues with this: 1) it's buggy. when I add yAxisMaxValue sometimes all the left indexes dissapear except for the bottom and the top indexes (normally there is several). Note: if you round the results (yAxisMaxValue = round(trendline *1.2) then it does work, but of course I can't always round to an integer when my results are all fractions. I also noticed the horizontal guidelines in the plot dissapear when adding yAxisMaxValue 2) The other issue is sometimes when force add the trendline onto the graph, it makes the bars so small that it is hard to click on them (for drill down purposes) or see the tool tip. I'm hoping for a miracle, some sort of ShowTrendlineIfOffscale=5%, which would put the trendline in at 5% down from the top of the plot. Perhaps one is needed for trendlines too low, but I don't need that case. Any help suggestions appreciated.