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  1. Changing Data Format For A Data Set

    Actually I change the chart type to ScrollCombiDY2D when the chart is first loaded. But it does not show the effect that I expected to have which the time format can be shown when the chart type is MSCombiDY2D.
  2. Hi, I used MSCombiDY2D before but since the number of columns keeps increasing so I switch to use ScrollCombiDY2D. It is done by change the name of type of chart only. In the switching, everything works perfectly except the data format for one dataset. As I used to to options like "NumberScaleValue" or "DefaultNumberScale". Is there a method that I can keep using these options when switching to scroll charts?
  3. Ssgrid Style

    Hi all, I want to edit the SSGrid charts' style like their font size, how can I do so? Is that using this statement "<apply toObject='____' styles='myGridFont' />"? If so, which object I should apply the style to? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I am working on the charts using DragColumn2D chart. Restore function of the chart is being used. I want to add some scripts to call when the restore button is being called. Is there a method that I can use to achieve this. Thanks in advanced.
  5. About Legenditemclicked

    Hi, Clicking the legend, the pie chart will let the pie slice out and other charts will eliminate that portion from the chart. In pie chart. whether the pie is sliced out can be controlled by the attribute "isSliced", so how about other charts? Is there function or attribute that I can eliminate the specific dataset? As I want to eliminate the dataset at first load or trigger it when a button is clicked. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi, I am using fusion charts 3.2.4 and I know that there is a function that I can retrieve data back from the chart using getChartData("json") Since I am shows that value in percentage in the charts, I wonder if there are methods that I can get the data back in percentage format. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi, Is there any method to call a function when users choose to save the charts as pdf etc? I am using jquery ui tab to hold charts and I want the page to be blocked when the chart are being captured. Thank you.
  8. Is that I just need to unzip it and click on the button? If so, the result is
  9. I am using flash charts and I tried using getXMLData(true) but it still gives me old data. Then I tried to use DragColumn2D.swf, getDataWithId works fine. I will try to switch back to DragLine.swf later. Thanks for the quick response
  10. Hi, I am using fusion charts 3.2.4 and i want to use DragLine.swf for my project. When I try to use javascript function to get the data of the updated chart, I can't get the expected result. I used getDataWithId() that I expect to get a data array but the error Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getDataWithId' is shown. And when I tried to use getXMLData(), the XML code did not change to the updated one. Is there any method that I can usejavascript to get the updated data?
  11. For example, I want to add a filter that the chart can show only odd days but the size of the task bars remain unchanged. I think if I can set the even days column width to zero or if the time stated in the category not consecutive (like the code below) , then it will be OK. <category start='1/7/2012 07:00:00' end='1/7/2012 20:59:59' label='1'/> <category start='3/7/2012 07:00:00' end='3/7/2012 20:59:59' label='3'/>
  12. Hi all, I am using the Gantt Chart as something like schedule and I want to resize the category since sometimes the date may not filled with item. Is there method to do the resize? Also, the categories are having consecutive days. Is there a way for me to insert 1/7/2012 then 3/7/2012, that means having the 2/7/2012 missed out? Thanks in advanced!
  13. Input Value Format

    Thanks so much! My problems are solved!
  14. Input Value Format

    Thanks! I will try this. I am using the angular gauge chart too and having the same problem. <dial value='4' rearExtension='10' /> Is there method to show 00:04 in the chart?
  15. Input Value Format

    Hi all, I'm trying to generate charts showing reports about time.Can I use <set value="00:00:04" /> or <set value="00:04" /> instead of <set value="4" /> to indicate 4 seconds in MSCombiDY2D.swf? Or if I input use <set value="4" />, can I change the shown value of it and the axis data to 00:04? Thanks in advance!!!