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  1. Drill down on StackedColumn3DLineDY

    I've reattached the rept_release.txt file that contains the xml. Rept_Release.txt
  2. Drill down on StackedColumn3DLineDY

    can you send an example or sample reference?
  3. Drill down on StackedColumn3DLineDY

    when i change it to , the report indicates that there is "No data to display"
  4. Drill down on StackedColumn3DLineDY

    sorry. here's the correct file Rept_Release.txt
  5. Drill down on StackedColumn3DLineDY

    I've attached the web page's source which includes the xml. Let me know if you need anything else. Rept_FixVersionDetail.txt
  6. vertical line labels

    Thx for the response.
  7. I'm unable to build drill downs links on StackedColumn3DLineDY. I wonder if it's technically not possible to have links on this type of report. Others examples use "" instead of the "". Perhaps that has something to do with this limitation Thanks in advance..
  8. vertical line labels

    Hi, The documentation indicates that "Trend lines are horizontal/vertical lines spanning the chart canvas which aid in interpretation of data" How do I specify a trend line to be vertical? I basically need to label a vline. Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum. TIA..