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  1. I created a Font style with large size and red color and set it on a Text annotation, it looks like no effective. But I added a spark line chart and set the Font style on title of spark chart, it looks like effective. Also I set string "',%,&,<,>" to title and TextAddOn and set isHTML of Font style to false, the title shows "',%,&,<,>", but TextAddOn just shows "',%,&,". I think correct logic should be, if a Font style is set on Text annotation, it should overwrite the default styles of Text annotation.
  2. In my chart, I have a cylinder gauge and some effects, I just want to disable the animation of gauge, don't disable the animations of effects, so I can't use animation attribute, it will disable all animations of entire chart.
  3. I set the defaultAnimation attribute to '0' for Cylinder and Thermometer gauges, as I do it for Linear/Spark/Meter, but it looks like no effective for Cylinder and Thermometer, the animation is still running.