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  1. Runtime Exception - Unable To Find The Container Dom Element

    Sudipto, As I mentioned in in my previous post, I have tested my case with your update (SR4) and the problem still occurs. Just to make sure I have re-tested that again this morning and I could confirm to you that it still occurs. Could you please advise any other alternative solution? Thanks, Michael
  2. Runtime Exception - Unable To Find The Container Dom Element

    Hi Sudpito, I have actually tested the scenario using latest update, I am wondering the MSLine.swf has slightly difference in size though, as I will be testing this and while you're seemed to be online at the moment. Could you advise what are possible causes from FusionCharts javascript that it throws the specified exception? Thanks, Michael
  3. Runtime Exception - Unable To Find The Container Dom Element

    Hi Sudipto, This works, thanks for that, however as I mentioned in my previous post, my priority will be to make it work through the web application (presumably in FF or Chrome). It will be highly appreciated if you could help with the investigation as well. Kindest regards, Michael
  4. Runtime Exception - Unable To Find The Container Dom Element

    Hi Bindhu, Unfortunately I cannot share the entire project folder, this is because besides that the project is under strict license and it is also consists of many projects integrated together. I can however share you the JSP page source code and the FusionCharts javascripts we used (I hope this could give you a picture). Furthermore, could you also please answer my other question regarding the chart does not work in Chrome, this does not work even when I tested it to load locally (while it works for other browsers). I have enclosed two zip files, one is for local testing (works in all browsers except in Chrome) and the other is the one used by web application (throwing exception), both tests actually utilise same fusion chart javascript version (3.2.3). I would also highly appreciate if you could also put this issue on priority as we need this to be fixed as immediate as possible? My priority is to make this work in Firefox through the application first and then we can solve the cross browsers issue afterwards. Thanks a lot, Michael WebServer.zip LocalTest.zip
  5. Hi there, I am trying to create a drill down MSLine chart, I generate the XML using Java code and then push it to JSP page to be rendered. The parent chart is rendered correctly but when I clicked on the line it throw me a runtime exception (please refer to screenshot attached). I have also attached the xml file, please note the XML works fine in most browsers if I am testing this locally (Not through the web server). It does not however work for Chrome, I have attempted fixes issues posted in the forum (updating to latest fusion charts, global setting, etc) but still not solving my problem. Additional note: also tested using your example Code > Javascript > Basics works fine on firefox but not in Chrome Thanks application.xml