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  1. Hi, I am using Heat chart in my application. (Screen shot attached). I have 3 categories defined. Low, Average, and High. When I un check 'Average' in legend(As shown in screen shot), The slots belong to HIGH also disappeared from the chart. But it should hide only Average slots from the chart. Screen shot attached for reference. XML is copied below: <chart Caption='Continent-wise revenue in 2010' bgColor='D0AC41, FFFFFF' bgAngle='90' numberPrefix='$' numberSuffix=' M'><rows><row id='North America'/><row id='Europe'/><row id='Asia'/><row id='South America'/><row id='Australia'/></rows><columns><column id='Q1' /><column id='Q2' /><column id='Q3' /><column id='Q4' /></columns><dataset><set rowId='North America' columnId='Q1' value='19'/><set rowId='North America' columnId='Q2' value='23'/><set rowId='North America' columnId='Q3' value='25'/><set rowId='North America' columnId='Q4' value='25'/><set rowId='Europe' columnId='Q1' value='16'/><set rowId='Europe' columnId='Q2' value='17'/><set rowId='Europe' columnId='Q3' value='21'/><set rowId='Europe' columnId='Q4' value='18'/><set rowId='Asia' columnId='Q1' value='9'/><set rowId='Asia' columnId='Q2' value='7'/><set rowId='Asia' columnId='Q3' value='12'/><set rowId='Asia' columnId='Q4' value='14'/><set rowId='South America' columnId='Q1' value='7'/><set rowId='South America' columnId='Q2' value='8'/><set rowId='South America' columnId='Q3' value='8'/><set rowId='South America' columnId='Q4' value='11'/><set rowId='Australia' columnId='Q1' value='11'/><set rowId='Australia' columnId='Q2' value='13'/><set rowId='Australia' columnId='Q3' value='12'/><set rowId='Australia' columnId='Q4' value='15'/></dataset><colorRange gradient='0'><color minValue='0' maxValue='10' code='BB1610' label='Low'/><color minValue='10' maxValue='25' code='EDC738' label='Average'/><color minValue='25' maxValue='50' code='8EA715' label='High'/></colorRange><styles><definition><style name='DataValueStyle' type='font' color='FFFFFF' bold='1'/></definition><application><apply toObject='DataValues' styles='DataValueStyle' /></application></styles></chart> Regds, Venu.G
  2. Align Y-Axis Lable To The Top Of The Chart

    Hi, The existing chart is not showing "User Count" y-Axis label in the CENTER. How do we align the label to CENTER. Best Regds, Venu
  3. Hi, I am using Fusion charts in my application. I want align Y-Axis label to TOP of the chart. I am attaching my chart. I would like to keep "User Count" top aligned, rather than center aligned. Best Redgs, Venu