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  1. Hi, I get only the text "Fusion Charts Evaluation - An Infosoft Global Creation" but no chart data. The Xml-Data is ok. I get the chart when the window Form is showing. I think flash is not made to run on server. thank you very much for your support regards, khoa
  2. Hi, Thank you for you comment. I have added registerWithJS=1 in the Flashvar and get the "FC_Loaded" and "FC_Rendered" request from flashCall. But I until get a chart with no data. 1. Is the chart or Flash Player visible in the WinForm? ==> The chart and flash player is not visible because it should run in a Windows Service. At which point of time you are executing the code to save the image? ==> in firt version I save the image after call the FlashMethod for script "Forward" and now I save th image when I get the FC_Rendered request from FlashCall. But I think it to early because the flash has not beginning to play. Can I explicit call a method to render the chart?Regards, khoa
  3. Hello, To load a flash from server I use .NET to create a axShockwaveFlash Control und set the Movie-Property to the path of the swf file and set the chart data to FlashVars-Property. Then I call forward to the end of the movie and play. Afterall I want to make a Snapshort of the Flash to have a Bitmap. With the bitmap we can integrate in a PDF file for printing the whole other content on the server. But I don't know how to get the flash player to play to the end without embedded the flash to a Winform. our platform is Windows. How can I call the chart's own native function from the flash ActiveX control in .NET? Regards, khoa
  4. I am evaluating the feasibility to print the fusion chart from the server. So I have create an Flash ActiveX Control and load an evaluate Fusion chart. Then I call the flash method GotoFrame and set the total frame of the flash, then I have a function that capture the current frame to an bitmap. That work fine with another flash. But with the fusion chart I get only the text "Fusion Charts Evaluation - An Infosoft Global Creation" but no chart data. Wich flash method must I call to play the chart to the end? Thank in advandce khoa