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  1. Hi. I'm looking for the best way to solve this: I've got a map of europe, and all its countries. I want to click on a country and update the corresponding with a new background color. Is there a good, clean way of doing this? Right now I've had to set the XML of the map to a javascript variable, pass that in, on click use a regular expression to find the entity in the XML and replace the color attribute with a new one, then set the entire XML back to fusionmaps using setDataXML. This is a slow and error prone way of doing it. What I'd so like to see in FusionMaps would be true integration with the data, such as... function entityClickCallback(entity) { if(entity.getAttribute('color') == '#ff00ff') { entity.setAttribute('color', '#bf1942'); } } I don't know if that sort of interaction between javascript and actionscript is possible (entity would have to be an object with functions), but boy would it be awesome. Thanks, Doomhammer.