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  1. Thank you all the same, there is not the sample image.It is just my requirement.
  2. Thank you!But it is not work. my code,as follows: var mybulletChart:FusionWidgets = new FusionWidgets(); mybulletChart.FCChartType = "HBullet"; mybulletChart.FCDataXML = "<chart palette='4' showValue='0' showBorder='0' numberSuffix='%'" + " upperLimit='100' caption='tax'>" +"<colorRange>" +"<color minValue='0' maxValue='100' />" +"</colorRange>" +" <value>47</value>" +"</chart>"; mybulletChart.width = 360; mybulletChart.height = 50; container.addElement(mybulletChart);
  3. Hello!simply like this,hide the label or make it inside the column bar.sorry,my english is so poor.
  4. I'm new to FusionWIdgets.I want to show label inside the task bar in Bullet Chart,or hide it.Can there have someway to do it?