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  1. Might I suggest that if FusionCharts would like to still optionally show anchor tooltips on a smooth line, drawAnchors="0" could be the implied "turn tooltips off" switch (along with the primary function - removing the anchors) while setting the anchorRadius="0" could be the alternative switch to disappear the anchors but keep their corresponding tooltips visible. This seems like it would be logical/intuitive behavior since tooltips are tied to anchors in these charts' context. If the anchors are switched off altogether (drawAnchors="0"), the associated tooltips should also switch off. But if the anchor size is only reduced to the point of blending with the line, they're not technically 'gone' so the associated tooltips should still appear. (Currently, setting anchorRadius="0" duplicates the behavior of drawAnchors="0" on the MSLine and ZoomLine charts, respectively.)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Mr. Being. The same behavior is stated for drawAnchors in the MSLine documentation and the tooltips DO actually disappear. This seems like the behavior that is intended, and that which I would expect. I would not expect tooltips to show up on a smooth line or especially an invisible line (alpha="0"). Why should it work differently for the static line chart than for the zoom line chart? Hope you'll reconsider this being a 'documentation bug' .
  3. Greetings charters. My first post - a bug/problem of course. FusionCharts XT Documentation --> Chart XML API --> Multi-Series Charts --> Zoom Line Chart (Zoom Line Chart Specification Sheet) --> Data --> <dataset> element: Attribute Name: drawAnchors Type: Boolean Range: 0/1 Description: "Whether to draw anchors for the particular dataset. If the anchors are not shown, then the tool tip won't work for the dataset." This is reproducible with your Yearly Revenue zoom line sample chart. Ugh. I discovered this in attempting to work-around another issue I'm having with the zoom line charts design which is that setting a maximum y-axis value overrides the dynamic axis feature, which IMO, it shouldn't. Setting a specific minimum y-axis value does not override the dynamic axis, so why should setting a maximum? So as a workaround, I was tried creating a dummy invisible dataset (by setting drawAnchors="0" and line alpha="0") with strategic minimum and maximum points which would force my desired minimum and maximum chart boundaries without disabling the dynamic axis feature - but since the tooltips don't disappear along with the line, my only acceptable workaround fails. (And setting the toolText to " " for each value is not an adequate solution because the tooltip still shows up as a little single-space empty tooltip.) Any suggestions? P.S. Despite my issues mentioned above, I'm impressed with Fusion Charts. Easy to build, good range of capabilities, very good documentation, and you were quick to respond to my forum sign-up problem. I'm experimenting with the trial at the moment but have a project coming up that would benefit a great deal from some of the charts and especially some of the live-updating widgets so I may consider a purchase.