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  1. Hello, has there been any update on this? I've noticed that SparkLine DOES show tooltips when rendered as javascript, but not when rendred as flash. Perhaps you have an updated sparkline.swf that fixes these issues? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Have you been able to research on this? Would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Ilya
  3. Hello, I am using client-side export handler for saving charts to images/pdfs. Everything functions well. The only issue I have is that the Export Component (FCExporter.swf) doesn't display friendly chart names in the left column: If I were to set "caption" attribute on my charts, then Export Component will show it in the left column, but my charts must have no captions. I have set "exportFileName" attribute on my charts and clicking on Save button will display the proper file name, but it is impossible to tell which chart is behind the Save button by looking at the Export Component UI. Is there a way to tell Export Component how to "name" each chart in the left column instead of showing generic "ChartImage #"? I initialize Export Component as: fcExporter = new FusionChartsExportObject('fcExporterSwf', '@Url.Content("~/Content/FusionCharts/FCExporter.swf")', { fullMode: '1', saveMode: 'both', showAllowedTypes: '1' }); I have tried setting "caption" attribute via JS as shown below, but that didn't help at all. function FC_ExportReady(DOMId) { fcExporter.exportAttributes.caption = "my friendly report name for DOMId"; } What can be done without setting chart's "caption" attribute? Why doesn't Export Component fall back to using value of "exportFileName" or accept "fcExporter.exportAttributes.caption"? I am using FCExporter.swf from FusionCharts XT Intranet version 3.3.1 (4th April, 2013). Swf file itself is 24,726 bytes, last modified on Thursday, ‎April ‎04, ‎2013, ‏‎8:44:12 PM. Regards, Ilya
  4. Javascript And Linkedchart

    OK, thanks. Another question then - is there any way to create a bar chart so that: * jsonurl method is used for async retrieval of the data * it has data for multiple series provided at start * only one series is displayed at a time * the bars from same series render one next to another (as opposed to having space in between reserved for hidden series) * the y and x axis scale to values of displayed series (as opposed to being scaled to largest values across all series) * displayed series can be changed via a javascript method and no legend is displayed Basically, I want to make only one call to get the chart data for several metrics, but display only one metric at a time and be able to switch displayed metric using javascript. Is there any other way to accomplish this while having FusionCharts make the ajax call? I know I could get what I need by making the ajax call on my own, store the JSON on the page and provide different parts of it to a chart so it only has one series to display at a time. But was hoping for an easier way where FusionCharts takes care of getting and storing the data. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I believe the confusion comes from a wrong sample provided on under "LinkedChart sample with descendant data embedded in parent data (data string method)". It sates "linkedcharts" instead of "linkedchart". Please correct it. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I have a LinkedChart with descendant data embedded in parent data. Descendant charts render over parent chart. How do I default to one of the descendant charts at page load, w/o having to click on the parent chart? Basically, I have a QueryString param that tells me what descendant chart I should default to. Is there's a way to control which descendant chart to show via javascript? Thanks!