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  1. Updatepanel In Content Page

    This is a much neater way than I found which was to use the full name of the Panel with all the containers it was contained within. ie. MainContent_ContentPage_DetailsPanel_TabContainer1_Tab1_Panel1 etc... Thanks for you help. Everytime I click on the bar I enjoy the way the second chart now updates! Cheers Martin
  2. Updatepanel In Content Page

    Further to this I have taken your code exactly as it stands and have added a blank masterpage and copied and pasted the code into the content page. Attached is the site with the new Default2.aspx which works with the masterpage. As you will see if you run the page when you click the graph the full page posts back and not just the bar chart. AJAXChartUpdater.zip
  3. Updatepanel In Content Page

    I've tried to replicate this and the solution works if the charts are in just an ASPX page (without a masterpage) but when you use a masterpage and add the two charts into a content page based on the Masterpage the full page posts back and not just the updatePanel with the second chart. Regards Martin
  4. Updatepanel In Content Page

    Hi Is there a solution to this? I can get the UpdatePanel to work fine in an aspx page but as soon as I put the code into a Masterpage and ContentPage it results in the page doing a full postback when the first chart is clicked and an AJAX update is attempted. Yours hopefully Martin Goodhand