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  1. Hi, I need help in connecting my FileMakerPro 11 database with a presence/absence distribution map using FusionMaps. The map I have created is similar to the one here represented: It has a grid and each mesh of the grid is individuated by a code. When an object is present in a mesh of the grid, that mesh get colored (for example green, as shown in the linked image). When an object is absent, the color of the mesh is white. My Filemaker database is organized like this: - every object (for which I need a distribution map) is represented by a single record; - within a record, there's a field ("distribution field"), which includes the codes of the meshes where the object is present. The map I created is in .jpg format. How I can connect the distribution field with the map, graphically representing on it the presence within the single meshes? Thanks a lot for your help, Echinochloa