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  1. Hi. We're experiencing a problem while exporting to PDF using Ruby on Rails. The PDF file is generated on server (and sent to the client's browser throught its request), but whenever i try to open it on any PDF reader program, program says the file is damaged. Exports to both PNG and JPEG formats are working perfectly. Here is the setup we are using on our app: Rails 3.2.0 Ruby 1.9.3 RMagick 2.13.1 zlib properly instaled through RVM We are using the latest PDFGenerator class version (from the .ZIP file available on Fusion Chart's website). Please, find attached the PDF file generated. Could you help us? Thanks! Chart.pdf
  2. I've noticed that you have used IE9 with IE8 emulation. Unfortunately, in order to proper reproduce the error, you have to use native IE8 browser, not the emulated one. Could you, please, check it again using the real version, instead? Thanks!
  3. Hi. We are using FusionCharts 3.2.4-release.8565 on production environment, but we are getting an annoying error when FC triggers 'onMouseover' series event for our charts on Internet Explorer 8 (IE says its an 'Unkown Error'). On other browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE 9), it is working without any issues. The exactly line and part of code (on FusionChart.HC.js) we're getting the error in is line 263, on this specific part: this.dBox=null,this.textStr=c,k.innerHTML=c,u!=0 XML file content: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <chart xAxisName="" yAxisName="" plotSpacePercent="20" valuePadding="0" placeValuesInside="1" showToolTipShadow="0" bold="0" formatNumberScale="0" decimalSeparator="," thousandSeparator="." toolTipBgColor="ffffff" toolTipBorderColor="cccccc" decimals="2" showFormBtn="0" showvalues="0" showRestoreBtn="0" numdivlines="4" showplotborder="0" showshadow="0" showborder="0" canvasborderthickness="1" canvasborderalpha="100" yaxisvaluespadding="5" canvasbgalpha="100" borderalpha="50" bgratio="0" plotGradientColor="" bgColor="FFFFFF, FFFFFF" bgAlpha="0,0" canvasbordercolor="dedede" canvasbgcolor="f7f7f7" basefont="Tahoma" basefontsize="10" basefontcolor="333333" outCnvbaseFontSize="10" outCnvbaseFontColor="666666" labelDisplay="AUTO" useEllipsesWhenOverflow="0" legendBorderThickness="0" legendShadow="0" legendBorderColor="e9eaeb" legendPositionL="bottom" legendBgColor="e9eaeb" anchorRadius="3" anchorBorderThickness="2" showAlternateHGridColor="0" divLineColor="dedede" divLineThickness="1" setAdaptiveYMin="1"> <categories> <category label="12/2010"/> <category label="01/2011"/> <category label="02/2011"/> <category label="03/2011"/> <category label="04/2011"/> <category label="05/2011"/> </categories> <dataset seriesName="MY CORPORATION Sum_of_REALIZADO"> <set value="45123.0"/> <set value="91175.0"/> <set value="146348.0"/> <set value="116796.0"/> <set/> <set/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="XPTO Sum_of_REALIZADO"> <set value="47195.0"/> <set value="92852.0"/> <set value="199962.0"/> <set/> <set value="163690.0"/> <set value="104570.0"/> </dataset> </chart> Could you help us with this error? Thanks!