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  1. Hello everyone, i couldn't decide whether to write this topic here or in section so i apologise in advence if i took the wrong way. So, we're using DNN as cms on our site (And as you'll see soon it's somehow connected to the problem). We have multiple charts/widgets/maps on each page and we're exporting them as follows: Export action is set to save Export at client is set to false Callback function is set to custom callback (more on this later on) Export handler is set to FCExporter.aspx (Since we're using with c#) We're triggering export by iterating trough an array of chart ids in js and simply invoking .exportChart() on each object (prior to this, we're of course checking if object != null and if object.hasRendered()) And everything works fine if we log to our site as host, but as soon as we log onto client account strange things starts to happen. In callback function objRtn is pretty much empty, literally there's no info about chart (which triggered this event) in there, everything is set either to null or 0. After debugging FCExporter component we've came to conslusion that Request["stream"] is null so the only trace that comes to my mind is that something bad is happening in .js but it gives no error and no further insight on what could it be at all. Anyone have any suggestions? Best regards, Chris P.