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  1. 'Save As Image'

    The version is 3.0.2. But after I turned the debug mode on, the problem was gone, with the item in its place. So I switched back to the release mode and (yes!) the problem was also gone. Although all is a bit strange, anyway the problem doesn't bother me anymore. Thank you for the prompt response.
  2. 'Save As Image'

    Thank you for the quick response, Arindam. Definitely I've read http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/SAISetting.html and both imageSave and imageSaveURL are properly set up. My question was probably not completely clear. In fact, the menu item is displayed when I run a browser locally (i.e. on the same machine where the IIS with our website is running). When I run a browser on a remote computer (i.e. I reach the page over the Internet) and invoke the context menu over the chart, the menu item is missing. In both cases, the website is the same. Could you help me with this? What should be additionally checked in order to put the menu item into the context menu when reaching the chart over the Internet? Thank you.
  3. We have recently purchased a license to FusionWidgets v.3.0 and we are happy with it. Thank you. The only question we have is that, for some reason, when we deploy our application on a production server, the menu item 'Save As Image' over a chart is missing. It only happens when the chart is accessed via the Internet. When the chart is accessed locally, the 'Save As Image' is displayed and the feature works as expected. Could you tell me know what may be wrong? Here are the details: - Windows Server 2003 - ASP.NET 2.0 - RealTimeStackedColumn.swf Thank you.